Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tiger Beads Are Still Grrrreat!

It's funny how you can get caught up in the monotony of making the same bead over and over again. Your thoughts start to wander to all the other beads you want to make when you're finally done with the production work. It's really wonderful for creativity.

And so I'm still torching on that order but every other session or so, I have to explore. And you might think the last thing I'd want to make is another Tiger glass bead....but noooo! I've so enjoyed exploring the texture and wonder of this bead that I keep dreaming of OTHER TIGER BEADS! LOL!

My millions of leftovers will be on the glass beads website really soon but here are two favorites already listed.

I really adore this Tiger Key:

And meet Big Fat Tigger - the kitteh in need of a glass diet! His head is a glassy thing of wonder...Hope you'll click the link and read about him!

I hope you are still checking the Fan Page for my Deal of the Day! Here's today's... a favorite off mandrel heart full of silver reative glass. It's so rich and elegant and a nice large size! Save $15 today only!

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rottrover said...

I love that big fat tigger!!