Saturday, August 30, 2014

Fresh Glass 8.30.14

A few attempts at Dracula for a friend... And some darker Rio party cones. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Fresh Glass 8.26.14

Just a few new beads to share. The long skinny was both longer and fatter than intended... I picked up a longish rod of ivory and just didn't feel like breaking it off as a nubbin.  There was NO Opal Yellow but the silver glass frit caused that reaction. The center is actually dichro and is SO cool in the light.
The other two were silver glass experiments.The blue one shocked me as the metallic parts should not have been... That silver glass is a mysterious thing! Over all, pretty happy with all three!

Moving all the seashells from last week around ... Check the fan page if you are interested!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Fan Page Previews / Fresh Glass

I'm sure you know by now I list glass beads on Facebook, but did you know I often list them in previews on the Fan Page? Well now you do! These and several more are going up tonight and the unsold ones will move on to the various sales pages tomorrow.

Apparently I'm not done with Halloween... see the giant skull??   Lots of earring pairs and a failed color test...sigh. Am I the only beadmaker in the world who still makes caca??

More earring pairs and a primary colors five bead set here:

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Fresh Glass 8.14.14

Made these a few days ago... I loved my little Frankie Cupcake so much, I made a big Frank focal! He's so cute! The ovals are for for a custom order from Facebook; the crystal is for a set where I was missing one. The Korny Kake already sold in the Facebook Glass Bead groups. And then, there is the big monstrosity on the left:

I've been playing around with a reactive color lately and I typically get a rich blue from it. Fine...wouldn't that be lovely with red? Only red is sometimes reactive too.... which I wasn't thinking about when I ran across this old CIM 96 color (bought on closeout 'cause you know I hate over-priced Chinese glass...sigh). First of all...isn't that the richest red EVER??? It was called St. Nick and boy does the name fit! Only, when I added my blue... it went all metallic on me. So it'll be auctioned off super cheap one day next week... UGH.

Monday, August 11, 2014

The Cupcakes Are Ready!

These babies will be up for sale on the Facebook pages tomorrow! Check the fan page midday tomorrow for links to these Spooktacular goodies!

From L-R / Top - Bottom: Frankie Cake, Punkin Cake, Tombstone Cake, Kitty Kake, Caldron Cake, Spooky Cake, Witchy Hat Cake, Skellington Cake, Spidey Cake, Mummy Cake, Brainy Cake, Batty Cake, Korny Kake, and Cupcake that Killed the Witch.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Halloween Focals 2014

These are the Halloween Glass Bead focals I have for this fall season. Not shown are the endless variety of Halloween Cupcakes... Let's just say those are "still in the oven!"

Up first is a gigantic spider bead. He was inspired by a Halloween Candy Set I made a few years ago: 

Next up is a Witch Hat Pumpkin. I used extinct sparkle glass for the orange...It's so pretty in the light. I really do have to make myself one before I run out of this glass!

And finally a Korn Kitty:

 I had the most amazing time making him! Do you ever have a bead where you FEEL your skills shift??? This one was mine! Normally when I do something like this, I nitpick and add a drop of this and a line of that ... freaking over unstraight lines. But not this time... he just flowed!! LOVE him!!!

These will be on my Facebook page soon!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Fresh Glass 8.7.14

My days of endless torching are winding down. School starts next week and I'm honestly looking forward to it... BIG attitude shift since May when Mabel passed!  I'm grateful teachers are paid decently here. Having a little wonga will be nice!

It's been a rough week...dealing with a nonpaying bidder and a site that won't ban her.  Sigh... And, I've neglected to do all those things teachers are "supposed" to do in the summer. Doctor visits, hair cuts etc.  So, I'm taking a few days to get caught up on personal care!

I did finally find out why I'm blind as a bat at the torch! My eyes have swapped prescriptions! Literally, my left needs the prescription for the right from my last pair of work glasses... and vice versa! So relieved! I was afraid I was getting cataracts!

In this batch:More of those ribbed ovals I'm so fascinated with. Some diamond earring pairs and some rounds. One witch's hat cupcake and one cupcake frosted all wrong...sure to be on sale somewhere soon!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Fresh Glass / Facebook Sales Link

More Howl -o- weeeen cupcakes and a long skinny accident.

Beads start moving out to the sale pages today... the master link is here.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Fresh Glass | Facebook Sales Links

Halloween Cupcakes! More coming in tomorrow's Fresh Glass! And... Today's Facebook Listings Below:
 From L to R: The Cupcake that Killed the Witch, Graveyard Cupcake, Brains, The Wtiches Brew, Mummy Cake, Spooky Cake, Batty Cake.

These will stay up over the weekend and migrate to the private groups on Monday. As always, check the fan page for links to sales!