Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Fresh Glass 2.16.16

Continued from yesterday: I mentioned getting on the Easter bandwagon... I've been thinking about my infamous Eggster Bunny from years ago and wanting to revisit that design. I was coming up with different color combos for chocolate bunnies... when I decided to make a "white chocolate" Haole Hula version! I also call this the bunny that tried to kill me!

I was cold cutting a design element off when it went between my glasses and and landed on my eyelid! Silvadeen made it feel much better but it was SCARY!

I went on to make a dark chocolate Eggster Bunny and a micro egg set:

Monday, February 15, 2016

Fresh Glass 2.15.16

Yeah, I've been in a funk. School, work, taxes-schmaxes, new roof on the studio, washing machine on the fritz... and no, beads are NOT selling. I took all listings down on FB for a bit...just no point in allowing a black hole time suck in when I'm so distracted and busy.

I realized I haven't shared beads here in forever! These are still in the "to be cleaned" bowl:

Trying to do more thematic listings for the bead group. I had been working on the Cleopatra three-bead sets...when I decided to try a peacock...which lead to the large lentil and tons of sketches and ideas...but no time.

Then I realized I need to jump on the Easter bandwagon... more tomorrow.