Monday, February 16, 2015

Fresh Glass 2.16.15

Today's kiln harvest yielded a  trio of red pebbles, a duo of red dichroic pebbles, one very frustrating over pressed moonwalk xl and... a trio of witches boobs.... What? You didn't know witches had three??  Well now you do. My work here is done!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Fresh Glass 2.15.14

I tried out my new Stone 3d press... Not nearly as easy as the moonwalk xl. Too many curves and the glass wants to apple pucker at the mandrel holes. But this is something about this shape that speaks to me and I plan on torturing myself with it some more in just a few minutes!

Also mad a BHB for that pastel paci I started last week and over melted... and... the bead release broke mid xl mookwalk so I added some ruffles!  I like it!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Fresh Glass 2.11.15

So I finally got to use my XL Moonwalk... I was surprised that it's fairly easy to use! I'm keeping one of those and have a set planed for the other. I also tried out the MultiMax on the purple and blue bead... while I love what it does to the ends, overall I'm not in love with it! I need it to be MUCH longer!  I kept having to go back to my old Arrow Springs marver... but I seriously want one that's like 7" long! That's where I want to go!

A set of April ribs and a glass paci in spring colors. I wished I had left the frit unmelted on the I'll probably re-do....sigh!

And the big hole bead leading yesterday's post??? They are still here! I ran across them yesterday! I've sold off so many parts of that set, I don't know which is which apparently! 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Homeless Beads Placed In Good Homes!

I haven't done a bead post in a while... Life has been crazy...just running all the time. But, today is a torch day! Whooo Hooo!

I finally broke down and took apart the only MASSIVE set I've ever made... These are from rare / extinct z99 glass and the set was so large, I had it prices around $150... well, selling off the parts, I should make even more money. But it breaks my heart that they are all slowly going to separate homes... 

I called this set 'One Shade of Grey.' LOL:

 I've done several remakes on this one:

Still Selling in the Facebook Groups!