Monday, September 13, 2010

Jewelry Making with a Dork

I've expressed my challenges when making jewelry here before. I've had customers tell me my work is innovative and unique.
This necklace is so stunning in person, I've had orders for multiple remakes!

But if they knew how hard it was for me to take a piece from idea to completion - they would probably laugh.

So... I thought I would take you through the process of making my last Art Bead Scene entry piece featured in this recent post. 

  1. Gather the glass beads I made for the project. Gather tools.
  2. Run downstairs. Gather beading wire and e-beads.
  3. Upstairs, place all materials on the sofa. Realize I have no clasp.
  4. Run downstairs and search for clasps. Can't find them. Decide to make clasp out of e-beads. Go upstairs.
  5. Realize I need wire to make clasp out of e-beads. Go downstairs and search for wire. Return with folded laundry. 
  6. Sit down on sofa and realize I have no wire. Repeat step five minus the laundry. 
  7. Sit down on sofa and start looking for e-beads. Can't find them anywhere.  Stand up and systematically remove all items from the sofa to the coffee table. Search cracks of sofa. Go downstairs to see if I left them there. Find the crimps I left down there. Upstairs with crimps. Search cracks of sofa and go back downstairs. Return with dog food. Shake out the blanket on the sofa...nothing. Fold blanket and notice seed beads on the sofa. 
  8. String a loop of seed beads. Realize I forgot to put the crimp on. Unstring and restring. Crimp. 
  9. Make another loop, crimp. Realize I forgot to loop it through the first loop. 
  10. Repeat steps 8 and 9 TWO more times! 
  11. Repeat step 8 and FINALLY remember to connect two loops to the one I'm working on! 
  12. String rest of necklace. Look for wire to make the clasp. Find wire on the coffee table and make clasp. 
  13. Realize I need a bit of chain for the focal. Downstairs to hunt through chain stash. Upstairs to finish. Can't find pliers. Remove everything from the sofa. Find pliers and finish the piece. 
And you wonder why I don't enjoy jewelry making???? No, I'll stick to beads!

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JanelDudleyBeads said...

Holly that necklace is BEAUTIFUL! I love how you go through all the steps it REALLY takes to design jewelry! You are delightful!

Emakaye said...

I completely understand your steps Holly. I am aiming for an all in one studio...someday...maybe when all my boys make it through college.
Thanks for sharing. I now know I'm not alone or crazy. :D

Emakaye said...

You are not alone Holly (nor am I). I completely understand!!! Thanks for sharing.