Thursday, September 2, 2010


I'm more than a tad upset today because I realized all those tiger beads I've been making were the WRONG size! I got my mandrel sizes mixed up! And I'm sick over it!

So I have to hit the torch today and hit it hard! And that means a brief post here.

The Deal of the Day is this Swirling Olive Green glass bead set: 30% off today only.

Please check my fan page over the weekend for the newest deals...Deal of the Day every day in Sept!

Have a good weekend and hopefully, I have some decent large sized tiger beads to show off next week!

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Lauren said...

I have SO been there, Holly!!! I know that sinking feeling of realizing afterward that you missed one detail, so I totally feel for you. I once did a custom order of two Boston terriers (one on top of the other), and I totally forgot that the bottom one had one blue eye and one brown. Ug!!! Had to do it all over. I guess the positive way to look at is that it's all good practice, but it takes a while and a lot of swearing to get to realize that. :)