Monday, September 27, 2010

Tiger Beads Are Finished!

Note: I started this blog two weeks ago but didn't really want to think about how many extra beads I made!

I FINALLY finished all the tiger beads I needed. A dear friend from my Carol Duvall days asked for them for a potential book project. Normally I would not have made SO many but I got a bit confused when I started... somehow, in my crazy brain 3/32 would a be a LARGER mandrel than a 3/16. And, well, it's not. So, the whole first batch with the smaller holes will be ending up on my glass beads website.

 Here is what all the fuss was about... the batch of 10 headed to my friend.

This was an especially  challenging project because tiger beads can have 4 - 5 layers of glass. Each layer has a certain thickness and yet, the project these were needed for required them to be smaller. I did all sorts of experiments - leaving off the first layer, casing with clear, thin clear, thinner clear - leaving the clear off all together trying to get the right look but keep keep them small and lighter in weight.

I thought it would be fun to do a rundown on all those tigers:

Number I made before I realized the hole was too small: 43 (Gulp!)

Number I made w/ the right size mandrel: 33

Number of tiger projects that distracted me: 10.

A tiger key,  purple tigers, eye of the tiger, big fat tigger, heart of the purple tiger ( purple photos later in the week), four tiger hearts (including one off mandrel!)  and one... that's just too crazy to share at this point...

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