Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fire Divas October Challenge

[Re-posted to delete Spam comments] In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Fire Divas are having a Breast Cancer Awareness Challenge! Several of our members have made wonderful pieces for YOU to vote on. First, you can feast your eyes on these beauties in big, clear pictures. When you're done savoring them, please vote for your favorite in bite-sized images on the right side of the Fire Divas' blog. The voting will stay open for one week - then the winner will receive a really cool prize!

Go vote on the Fire Divas Blog.

And... as an added bonus... if one of my customers correctly guesses which bead is mine when they vote - let me know by emailing me (PLEASE DO NOT GUESS IN THE COMMENTS SECTION HERE!) - I will enter you in my $50 Monthly giveaway....just email your guess!

See you Monday on

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Clearance Sale

Any Halloween items in my Etsy or Main store are on sale for 15% off. If you purchase two or more Halloween items, the discount is 20% and.... (why do I feel like I'm in a car commercial??)...IF, and only IF you are a FACEBOOK Fan, take another 10% off! That's 30%!!!

Prices return to normal and the beads may disappear after the witching hour, Halloween night....that would be midnight. It's a haunting good sale!

See you here at tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Changing My Stripes

I always love coming up with new ways to use beads. When I found some beadable serving implements in stainless, I just had to give it a try.

I found a cool, sebra-striped plate at a store and then made a bead to match it. The bead is zebra-striped with metallic, high-silver capped ends.

I've added a gift page to the website for items that are not beads or jewelry and I plan to add more of my own work as well as some collector pieces from my days on the Carol Duvall Show.

See you tomorrow on

Monday, October 26, 2009

Still Dreaming of Summer

Things are still a bit frantic here... Mom left but I'm exhausted. My studio floor is clean enough to eat off of! And, I'm taping a webside for a craft show (more on that later) today and I haven't slept in days (too much back pain + Mom's early flight).

I moved a favorite seashell over to Etsy. She has a twin if you like her which I hope to get listed later in the week. But feel free to email me.

Fantasy Seashell Focal by HollysFollyGlass on Etsy

Have a great Monday and I'll see you tomorrow on

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Got Fish?

One of my favorite lampwork bead styles has always been the fish. It was my good friend Bindy Lambell who taught me early on that when a bead is going awry, make a fish. "Oh $h*t!!! Flat fish!!!" was her philosophy and it worked for me. It was a great way to save a bead that had some cool colors or textures going on.

But there comes a time when you strive to make a fish just to make a fish. It's your goal from the beginning. This Calypso bead was like that for me. I just love his colors. And his metallic fins are mesmerizing.

Pretty cool looking fish, eh? He's on Etsy along with matching spacers to be made into ????

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fire Divas Halloween

There's still time for some great Halloween beads! No time to make anything??? See my blog post full of last minute EASY ideas or.... if your like me, stock pile for next year!

Lauren's shop is full of fantastical critters dressed to roll for the scary date. Check out this dog in a dino costume:

Lauren has both a Halloween and a Sale catogory in her shop and both have Halloween beads!

Marcy has some great holiday critters too. Just look at this Gator!

Eileen has a some great skulls (great conversation starters!):

The always elegant Lara Lutrick has some amazing big hole pumpkins with fun matching spacers. Just put these on your Biagi and GO! (I LOVE ready to wear!):

And speaking of ready to wear, this necklace from Janel Dudley is stunning. You won't know which eye they're looking at if you wear this beauty!

I also have quite a few ready to wear Halloween items (and some ready to make) in my shop:

And the frightful fun continues over in Lynn's Shop. Check out her Mummy:

Laurie of Glassbead has some really mesmerizing skulls and masks in her shop. This is my fave:

And let's not forget this fantastic bead of the day winner the other day by KimV.... a glow in the dark ghost!

Would you believe all these scary beads (and MORE!) can be found by searching "Fire Divas Halloween" on Etsy?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I Still Love Chocolate!

I'm taking a break while Mom is here...not a fun kind of break...she's working me to death! We cut down trees and trimmed my hedges all day yesterday. I was so sore, I couldn't even sleep last night!

Today, we're cleaning out the shop! Fun, fun, fun!

I did manage to get a new cupcake listed in the olde Etsy shop:
Thanks as always for popping in!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Kudos to Dorset Hill Beads!

The Fire Divas own Eileen of Dorset Hill Beads has a bead - Mr. Stripy - that is featured in the Etsy gift for Dia di los Muertos

You can read all about it on Etsy

Congrats Eileen!!! We're all so proud of you!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Save the Tatas! Buy Some Beads...

...or a candle.

OK, so I totally stole this blog post idea from Lauren, but, maybe she won't mind my unoriginality if I feature her first! Several members of our Fire Diva lampwork promotion group are donating a portion of their profits to the Susan G. Komen foundation during October. And...October is breast cancer awareness month. . Go get those boobies squished! Give yourself an exam (not NOW)! And buy something pretty to support some great causes!

Lauren makes the most fabulous boobie bookmarks, but I don't recommend these for guys...they would never get any reading done!

And then there is Marcy who has the most fantastic sense of humor! She's made a whole series of Hooters for Hooters... little owls that represent various women she knows who have had breast cancer. This one is named Wendy but there are more in Marcy's Etsy shop.

I have a big hole floral bead in my shop with pink ribbons interwoven. It's ready to put on a chain and keep near your heart. I made this in honor of my own sister who has battled this disease twice!

And finally, honorary Fire Diva Dave (he's married to Eileen of DorsetHillBeads) makes the incredible smelling candles. He's made some pink Serenity candles for October and is also donating to Komen.

These are some fun ways to help out a great cause and score some cool goodies too! Now, go give yourself that exam! Take care of your tatas!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Good Artisan's; Great Art

I've hinted on this blog about the (allegedly) insane woman from Texas slandering good artisan's all because she was called on point for selling other artists' beads as her own. She continues this mad process and if you read her words, any sane person can see what's really up. And since she was kind enough to list everyone in one place, I thought I'd pass it along for what it truly is.... Fantastically talents artists who I'm sure could use a little love!

I know some of these folks personally and many more through internet. And while I have not dealt with all personally, they ones I have, have enough talent in their pinky to make someone green with envy. Check them out and give them some love!

--TRACIDAWN78, Texas, lampwork artist
--ASHTONJEWELS, North Carolina, lampwork artist
--BETSYMN, Minnesota, lampwork artist
--BLUFFROADGLASS -Louisiana, lampwork artist
--FATDADDYSWEETS - Oklahoma, Etsy bakery
-- SORTAFLOWERINGDESIGNS- North Carolina, a husband/wife team who make lampwork beads, soaps and other skin care items
-- ARTINSOMNIABEADS- Florida, a lampwork artist
-- DESIGNS BY PATI WALTON - Colorado, a lampwork artist
-- COLGAN JEWELRY DESIGNS -Washington State, a lampwork/jewelry artist
-- MELISSABEADS - Colorado, a lampwork artist
-- SWEETGUMHANDBAGS- North Carolina, a handbag maker
-- BEADSBYTRACI, Texas, a lampwork artist
-- IFDESIGNS - Indiana, lampwork artist
-- DANCINGLIGHTJEWELRY, Texas, a lampwork/jewelry artist
-- FARMERDAVESGLASSWORKS - Oregon, a lampwork artist
-- ELIZABETHROSEBEADS - Texas, a lampwork artist
-- PLAYING WITH FIREBEADS - Texas, a lampwork artist
-- PERAZABEADS - North Carolina, jewelry and lampwork artist
-- BELLEBEADJEWELRY - New York, jewelry artist
-- PIERCESDESIGNS - North Carolina, lampwork artist
-- JETAGESTUDIO - Arizona, a lampwork artist
-- IVERS McGRAW - Texas, crafter
-- ELZBEADS - Oregon, a lampwork artist
-- GLASSBYOLIMPIA - Texas, lampwork and stain glass artist
-- SIMPLYLAMPWORK - Oregon, lampwork artist
--PACIFICCOASTLAMPWORK - Oregon, lampwork artist
-- KATINN - Nevada, jewelry artist
-- PRECIOUSBEADS4YOU - Texas, jewelry artist and supplier
-- BRILYNN BEADS - Oregon, a lampwork artist
-- SACREDARTBEADS - Texas, a lampwork artist
-- RAPUNSELSTOWER - Texas, a lampwork artist
-- SUNRISEBEADS, R & L Hobbies - Maine, lampwork artists and suppliers
-- THATFRITGIRL - Texas, lampwork artist and supplier
-- THEFETCHINGHOUND - Connecticut, bakery
-- LAURIEGELLER - Washington State, lampwork artist
-- ELEPHANNIE - Texas, crafter
-- SWEETPAPERIE - Texas, crafter
-- SARICABEADS - Texas, lampwork artist
-- FIRAMARINA - Louisiana, lampwork artist
-- ASUGARAFFAIR - Florida, bakery
-- SOMETHINGNEW4U, Kansas, lampwork artist
-- CATHERINE HOWARD BEADS - North Carolina, lampwork artist
-- BEADAMANIAC - Florida, lampwork artist
-- DIANE7923 - Maryland, lampwork artist
-- AFTERDARKDESIGNS - Utah, lampwork artist,
-- TANNER STUDIOS - Utah, lampwork artist
-- HELENSHARVEST - Louisiana, lampwork artist
-- MARYLOCKWOOD - Ohio, lampwork artist
-- BEADSBYTLC - Michigan, lampwork artist
-- Z-BEADS - Oklahoma, lampwork artist
-- THEGLASSTURTLE - North Carolina, lampwork artist
-- RIVEROFGLASSSTUDIO - Florida, lampwork, jewelry artist
-- ABEADISBORN - Wisconsin, lampwork artist
-- REDSIDEDESIGNS - Oregon, lampwork artists
-- HILLSIDEGARDENS - Oregon, lampwork artist
-- KOREGON - Oregon, lampwork artists
-- ENCHANTEDDREAMSJEWELRY - Minnesota and Tennessee, jewelry artists, lampwork artist
-- FLAMEKISSEDGLASS - California, lampwork artist, glass supplier
-- DARLEENMB - Wyoming, lampwork artist
-- NAOSGLASS - Colorado, lampwork artist
-- CGBEADS - Texas, lampwork artist and supplier
-- AGATE58 - Washington State, lampwork artist
-- SYDNEYSDESIGNS - Texas, crafter
-- EVOLVINGBEADS - Nevada, lampwork artist
-- SISTERSBEADS - Wisconsin, lampwork artists
-- ACELTICGIRL2 - Texas, jewelry artist
-- COVERGIRLBEADS - Texas, lampwork artist
-- MOJOGLASS - Massachussets, lampwork artist
-- RUFUSANDROXY - Washington State, lampwork artist and supplier
-- MAMAPAINTER - Texas, crafter
-- DESIGNSBYKURATO - Massachussets, lampwork artist
-- LUXBEADS - Texas, gemstone supplier
-- SUEBEADS - Pennsylvania, lampwork artist
-- STONEYMARIEDESIGNS - Texas, lampwork artist
-- JAVABEAD - Washington State, lampwork artist and supplier
-- AIR & EARTH DESIGN - Washington State, lampwork artist
-- LAFFINGGULL - Texas, lampwork artist
-- ICARUSBEADS - Washington State, lampwork artist
-- JAMNGLASS - California, lampwork artist and supplier
-- NORAH62 - Texas, gemstone supplier
-- LIVELAUGHLOVESOAP - Florida, soap maker
-- GMDLAMPWORK - New York, lampwork artist
-- BEADGOODIES - Pennsylvania, lampwork artist
-- SUBEARTHAN COTTAGE - Texas, crafter
-- STEPHANIE K NATURALS - Texas, crafter
-- TIKIBEADS - Texas, lampwork artist
-- JUST PEACHY - Texas, jewelry artist
-- MERMAIDGLASS - Florida, lampwork artist, crafter
-- SLCUNIQUES - Texas, jewelry and lampwork artist
-- AMRGLASSWORKS - Texas, lampwork artist
-- LAKESIDELAMPWORK - Nebraska, lampwork artist
-- LADEDACREATIONS - Oklahoma, cosmetic manufacturer
-- GINNOVATIONS - Texas, lampwork artist and supplier
-- LENORASDESIGNS - Texas, lampwork artist
-- BETSYBEADS, BETSYMN - Minnesota, lampwork artist
-- ASHTON JEWELS - North Carolina, lampwork and jewelry artist
-- DOUBLEDIPPEDSWEETS - Utah, bakery on Etsy
-- CCTEXAN3 - Texas, jewelry maker

Monday, October 12, 2009

Still Time for Halloweeeeen Beads!

There's still time to get your Halloween beads in time for the occaision. My favorite "costume" these days is a simple festive bead, wire wrapped on a chain:

If you are a wire wrapper, the witchy hat is also available to incorporate into your own designs.

My personal favorite type of bead to wire wrap is a LARGE skinny sculpted bead. Wouldn't this get attention???

Some people prefer sets. Wouldn't these be adorable as a bracelet?

If making something at the last minute isn't for you - Hey, I'm a last minute Lucy but sometimes the pressure is too much! Then I just throw a seasonal colored heart on a friction clasp chain and go!

Or my other favorite thing for a last minute Lucy....just sew a themed button on!

Sorry about my missing post on Friday. I'm having some post-fire respiratory issues... See you tomorrow on

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Going to the Dogs

In case you are wondering where the beady news is... It's because I've been really busy in the shop. This is our big season for rubber stamping on cookies. I have tons of product coming in that needs to be kitted, packaged and priced.

And I've been very engrossed in a new book my friend has been working on. I did a bit of copy editing for it as well as helped out with a few photo sessions. I've very proud of her new book... because it was such an intense labor of love for my friend and... because the star of the book is my "God - dogter," Twinkie!

I've written about Twinkie several times over on my Creekhiker blog. She's such a sweetheart!
Her book is a photo book about all her adventures. Check it out here.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


We've all been there... creatively blocked, bored at work, stuck on the phone with a long winded vendor. is one of my favorite outlets.

Go...Doodle...Let your mind race. You can save your images by hitting "print screen" and pasting them into your favorite photo editing program.

So...what have you doodled today???

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

More Fun Glassy Happenings in L.A.

The Glass House will be hosting The 3rd Annual Great Hermosa Beach Glass Pumpkin Patch Sale this coming weekend followed by The 1st Great Santa Monica Glass Pumpkin Patch Sale the following weekend. Seeing all those glass pumpkins is really going to be a site. I've already got the BFF committed to going this weekend. And I will bring the camera!

If you are in one of the L.A. beach communities over the next two weekends, come check it out!

Links to the postcards for the sales are HERE.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Pacific Artglass Party

Pacific Artglass had their annual bash this weekend. I didn't win a darn thing in those amazing raffles they have (dicrho, kilns, glass, t-shirts...fab stuffs!), but I did have a blast hanging out with some glass-minded folks. (And of course, I left the camera at home!)

I got re-introduced to Adam Teller. Adam demoed for the CA flame surfers about a year ago. I remember learning his nifty trick for lighting the bigger bottom torch for boro.... turn on the gas and blow! His breath through the top flame was enough to ignite the bottom one. Talk about making a room full of glassy ladies swoon!

Adam demoed a bunch of different pendants but my favorite thing was seeing him write a little boy's name in a marble. The finished piece was beautiful and the name just popped out at you!

And my fellow Flame Surfer, Stacey Lynn was there demoing beads and her fabulous brass tools.

There were reps there from all kinds of manufacturers, including CBS Dichroic. They were showing off their new crinklized dichroic as well as a brand spanking new sandblasted line.

It was a really fun day!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

No Shortcuts

The other night, I was torching for an order that had to go out. I finished and did a few color tests for some sets brewing in my head. I tossed the last bead in, still glowing and lovely, drained my fuel lines, shut off the light & ipod, and...puttered.

I tinkered around the shop for about 10 minutes but it had been a really long day and I was so tired. So I allowed that impatient girl to tell me it really wouldn't matter if the kiln jumped a stage.

I hit the programmer and forced it into the 100 degrees / hour to the 870 hold.

Now one would think, on a tiny little bead, it really wouldn't matter. That's what that impatient girl had told me.

But it did! Look at the crack in that bead! It runs down one side (above photo) and all the way around the middle! All because I ramped down 20 minutes early!

Lesson learned. All beads get a 30 minute bath at 960. And that impatient girl is never allowed anywhere near my kiln again!

Fussy Girl

Maybe you've noticed I haven't been blogging about my Art Bead Scene entries the last few months. There's a reason for that.

I haven't been happy with them! I have issues with both September

Kandinsky Improvisation 23

and August.

Kanagawa by Holly's Folly

I like the art beads I made as the interpretation of paintings. I like the accompanying beads I chose for the jewelry. I even adore the concept of my August entry.

But I don't really consider myself a jewelry maker. I make jewelry because I have to. I teach and I often have to have samples of my beads made up into wearable pieces. And I do enjoy the challenge and even the process (sometimes)...but the best part of making jewelry is trying to think like a jewelry designer, which ultimately makes me a better bead maker. Because, for me, that is what I really like... the beads, not the jewelry.

I will tell you that I have issues with the structure...not that it is bad on either piece but, it could be better. It will have to be better before I offer it up for sale!

So, when one of my close friends pointed out to me that my "trash pile" is probably full of treasures and that maybe, just maybe I should do something about that... I decided to call myself out in public. Let's just see how long it takes me to do something about this. I'm hoping this public outing will make it sooner rather than years from now later.