Thursday, October 22, 2015

and Out of Gas

I tried to torch the other day and actually decided on a creative direction - I have some German pink glass and I wanted to make some small "normal" size hollow beads... and struggled cauae...small is really not my forte and my tools are all larger. So instead of a set, I made one. I didn't want to waste the pink.

Next I made a long skinny ivory base for a silver glass idea I had. And my flame looked funny.. I glanced at the tank and realized I was running low on gas. And here I was at the early stages of a one hour bead. So I tossed the ivory into the kiln.

I decided to try a tiny version of the silvered glass bead ...and was really glad I didn't waste the time on a larger version!

And then I ran the tank dry making some tropical sunset drums.

I have two fresh tanks...but it's been really windy.

Monday, October 19, 2015

In a Funk

Been in a funk...hence, no posts.

My trunk show goodies BEFORE the show:

My goodie box AFTER the show:

See the problem?? Yeah, worst trunk show I've ever done. I don't know if it was the discount site or lack of publicity or...people just aren't buying. Or maybe they hate my work...yeah I went there... I always do.

So I'm reeling a bit. Doesn't help that my shoulder is in so much pain that it's hard to be on the computer and list... sigh.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Trunk Show on Glass Melters Open Market

OMG! It JUST dawned on me that the trunk show LOADS tomorrow afternoon! 4pm PST!!!

This is be a show chock full of more affordable glass beads! A few giveaways too!! There will be tons of purple and kitties!!! I sure hope you'll come by Glass Melters Open Market on Facebook and take a look over the weekend!

I'm hoping to list around 50 items!!!

Fresh Glass 10.1.15

More Fresh glass to show you but I forgot to take a fresh from the kiln shot... so these are clean and ready togo in the trunk show:

This focal was made from some salad plates I had! I bought them at a thrift store because I loved the purple glass. I wanted them to be my new everyday plates... but they shattered in the microwave! You KNOW I had to save that glass! I just love that they didn't turn brown in the flame and kept that amazing purple color:

I also made a set of drums to match:

I also made a freebie set for the trunk show: 

Here's one of the salad plates: 

This focal was going to be teal vine cane... but got too unwieldy for my mold... so it became a bead! 

I also made a set of peachy pink olives:

And a Tropical Sunset pair of drums for a give away:

Don't forget the trunk show starts Saturday morning on Glass Melters Open Market! Hope to see you there!