Saturday, August 29, 2015

Saturday Night Special Is Up

Just thought I'd mention there's a Saturday Night Special up on the Fan Page. I got it up kinda late so it doesn't end until Sunday night! ;-)
Aventurine Waves is a loverly silvered ivory focal with LOTS going on! Waves of lines created by the silver on the ivory glass, interspersed with rich metallic blue, vibrant silver green, and teal... and lots of sparkling aventurine green shards melted in for added interest! 58 mm long x 12 mm wide; 3/32nd hole; digitally annealed.

Hope you'll check it out! 

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Show Prep

I'm having a bad pain day complicated by having to deal with a naughty customer who backed out on an order. So instead of more fresh glass, I thought I'd show off my show prep tray where I'm stringing sets, getting beadies ready for their closeups!

And for more glassy goodness...check out what the last three days look like in bouquet form!

Pretty fun, huh?? Wish I felt up to torching today...but it was already 90 when I got up!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Fresh Glass 8.26.15

More trunk show prep! Itty Bitty Kitties: Punkin, Olive, Calico, Old Gray and a normal size Punkin Kitty. And more PURPLE!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Fresh Glass 8.25.15

Today's fresh glass batch has a bunch of Itty Bitty Kitties and more purple spacers and some pink ones for good measure and ...the tiniest Pumpkin witch hat I've ever made. Oh and my first ever silver glass kitty...

Monday, August 24, 2015

Fresh Glass 8/24

I was on a bead making roll last week! Here we have a variety of spacers  and one of my daisy beads in a smaller 1" focal size. I must's harder to make one smaller than it is a larger one. IF I got paid for my time...this one would be much more $$ than the larger ones...sigh. It's likely to be one of a kind! And a Clio focal. I love that pink... I just hate how many freaking layers of glass it takes to get that color! I like long skinny beads... and I'll never have one in that shade of pink! GRRR!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Saturday Night Special

I got the bright idea instead of offering something new on the fan page today, to offer a really low start on a set that I love's been kicking around my stash for a while. This glass bead set was
 from the Dot Challenge...they are really large beads and the opening bid of $20 considering their size makes them a great deal!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Fresh Glass 8.20.15

More Moonwalks... The red is part of a five bead set... beads 1, 3 and 5... I made 2 and 4 months ago and just never had the heart to make the other three. Partly because these mothers take so freaking long to make. I've yet to make an xl in under 40 minutes and just over 30 for the other pieces.  I know going in that I will never the $ for that investment of time.  A set like that "should" go for $160...but I'll do good to break $100...sigh.

The other XL moonwalk is a moody red - yes red! - covered in more of that honeycomb dichroic. I wasn't sure I would like it but I was trying to break out of the black base bead mold... I think it's lovely!!

Here's the pic of the other two:

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Fresh Glass 8.18.15

Are you one of those lampworkers who take copious notes? I envy you! I wish I were...but I don't. And I do stupid stuff... I rename all my frits... and I'm walking around with that info in my curly little brain! One bump and... nothing! I remember reading some post from a lampworker on one of the forums... for ages she would mention in almost every post, "If only I could remember how I made my {insert fantastical name here} set!" I could be her... So far I haven't forgotten a bead I want to duplicate...but I'm sure I will.

But the one thing that drives me batty is notes to myself!  I'm notorious for writing down a phone number and no name... And I write down bead recipes with no point of reference. On my to do list was
"sedona w/ lapis stringer." Der... was that transparent or opaque? Where did I see this?? Was it a tut? Did a friend tell me? I have no idea... and the bead was lackluster... Hardly worth my time. Can you see it in the jumble below?

I also made scads of squeezed beads... a fun trip down memory lane that will be another post at some point. A pair of drums and a set of ribbed donuts are in there. And... a bead called "phantasia" that looks like a butterfly...only the hole is on the wrong side. Figured that out after I had made pairs in several colors!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Fresh Glass 8.17.15

Hey there...long time... uh... Been freaking busy! Found out some classes I need to take...were already happening! So I had to jump in and catch up or...wait til January. Waiting is not my forte. And... I started a tutoring job the same week! Argh! But things are a little calmer is starting and hopefully work won't be far behind!

I have been a torching fiend! I have a trunk show the first weekend in October and so I want mostly newer stuffs...

Don't laugh but these were actually TWO torch sessions! Each time, I made exactly three beads and... hated them and quit! Only to get them them out and love them! Lather rinse repeat! LOL! Loving this honeycomb dichroic!  So these will be a set... three large olives and 2 spacers and for the bead bowl. Sigh!  More tomorrow!