Tuesday, September 14, 2010

9/14 Deal of the Day - Won't YOU Give Witchy a Home?

I wanted to tell you about today's Deal of the Day because some lucky person is going to get one of my favorite pendants FREE!

She is one of my favorite beads made ... a long time ago. I set out to make a one-eyed witch and I thought she was so cute. But I was a baby lampworker then and hadn't learned to "skin" my rods. When I cased her eye to magnify it, I got some glass scum. Now, I would skin my rod or cool the bead a bit, spot heat and remove. But then, I just hoped for the best.

And while some might see this as a mistake, when I opened the kiln door the next day, I thought the cloudiness in her one eye made her even more endearing! She looked like she had a cataract! Isn't that just like life? It kicks you in your good leg sometimes! I really loved her and was sure she would find a home. When she didn't, I turned her into a piece of jewelry and ...still no takers.

So, today only, Spend $20 on any bead in my shop and ... she's yours... FREE!

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