Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Oooh La La - MEGA Jewels

My wire wrapping 101 class has exploded for this weekend! I'm so amazed that so many want to learn this wonderful skill! And so grateful!

But of course, that means I get to go shopping! Whooo Hooo. And like most jewelry designers, I like keeping my resources to myself. It's too hard to find some of the things I like to use to just give out the source without a second thought... Except for one.

My resource for crystals - and I ONLY use Swarovski (because - jewel snob that I am -  I can tell when they are NOT Swarovski!) - is Mega Jewels in downtown L.A. You should know they are:

-wholesale only
-minimum quantities required

But if you shop for crystals in volume... they ROCK! And their prices are true wholesale, not wholesale plus markup.
My haul from MegaJewels USA today!

They are on 6th and Broadway but will be moving more toward the Garment district / Flower Mart come December to a MUCH larger space!

406 W 6th St Los Angeles, CA 90014
(213) 438-1409

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