Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Fresh Glass 5.11.16

I did make it to the torch finally and had a disastrous sesh. First a joke bead... There was much Facebook drama over Seagull beads lately so, having never wanted to make a seagull, I was suddenly on fire to make one... with a binky attached...for those that cry over seagull beads! The face was just a Beads of Courage Bead... I was thinking of "watching over you" while making it. I dropped it going to the kiln...UGH! And the last bicone is hideous. I had seen these gorgeous pink and blue beads and this is my crappy attempt. GRRRRR

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Just Not Feeling It

Wow! Who knew that would be a two month hiatus?? Taxes, illnesses and no sales worthy of comment have kept me away...

First, I did manage to organize another sale in my Buyer's Group. This one is for Organic Barrels and it will end tomorrow. Here's a little preview pic:

Those aren't even all of them... I added a few flawed beauties that chipped coming off the mandrel on one end... so I ground them smooth and seriously, a bead cap will hide any issue! A great way to get a fabulous focal on the cheap!

Sales have been dismal and I feel like they aren't going to improve until our dreadful elections are over. I've been reanalyzing the amount of time I spend on Facebook promoting beads that just don't sell (I know it's not just me and jewelry sales are down too)... but I just would like a little more time to myself. I've stepped down from two of my group admin positions this week.

Anyway, now that taxes are done and I have put norovirus and my spring sinus infection behind me, hopefully, I can post a bit more.

Thanks as always for taking a look at the beads!