Monday, November 30, 2015

Fresh Glass / Trunk Show This Weekend!

I adore this focal! I sold my all time favorite focal before Thanksgiving and this is my remake in PINK. Another silver focal here, a drum set, a bicone set and some chocolates in Christmas shapes.

The trunk show is on for this weekend...links tomorrow...or check the fan page.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Fresh Glass 11.24.15

More Fresh glass... the green and red was my December made to order earring colors, ordered by another glasser for a quick turnaround order. Because it was another glasser, they had to PURRR FECT.  Not just perfect...PURRR FECT! I was a neurotic mess. She got 14, I got 9!  These will make an appearance in the trunk show.

 I was a bit disappointed with the bicones... too dark. They will hit the etching solution. And the that dichro montser??? OMG.. That bead would not let me sit down! I  was literally dancing the whole time I made it!  It will be in the trunk show! Meet Dancer:

Monday, November 23, 2015

Fresh Glass 11.23

I've decided to try and have my annual trunk show... gee, I guess I should start promoting it! I've had two intense days on the torch, trying to fill orders. The Jaunty hatted snowmen are repeats / requests. The first one had mean bead release and he ended up a two parter...

Also in this batch, 2 pair of bellflower earring sets. I really hate the Jupiter glass didn't strike on the ribbed disk. I reannealed them with the bellflowers and they look much better. There is a tree parts 3 piece set, and three pieces of snowmen tiles... ran out of time to make his hat! And an aventurine earring pair for good measure.

Monday, November 16, 2015


Sales have been slow and I haven't been posting a lot. Working a lot with the special kids I adore and managing to get REALLY sick. 103 degree fever sick. Too cold and windy to make beads even if my nasty shoulder would behave...

But I did make these recently:

These three long skinny beads got stuck on the mandrel and thanks to the Lampworking Tips and Techniques group on Facebook, they were saved!! Someone recommended soaking in vinegar... I tossed in some baking soda just for kicks... The next morning, they slid off!

I posted a thank you in the group and a friend posted a group grouping of beads that had been stuck for over a year...that all came off!

Trying to decide if I should have my annual 1st weekend in December trunk show ...don't have much jewelry on hand, but plenty of beads on hand!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Fresh Glass 11.4.15

Much better day!!! Only a few focals but I like 'em!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Fresh Glass 11.3.15

Finally got the shop floor tidied up and drug the tank in... My shoulder hurt so bad, I had to wait another day to soap the lines. I made beads yesterday. But I had been on a page where people were selling stuff below wholesale... and had that crap in my head so I made garbage...

That egg on the left... was supposed to be this color:

The middle one is some DH mystery glass that is "supposed" to be lavender...

 and I made an even tinier itty bitty kitty only to be told my prices are too high...

Sigh. Not a good day at all. Which is why I wrote this post to myself years ago... I had to go re-read it again today. If you are in a rut, you may find it helpful.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Saturday Night Special All Weekend

Just thought I would mention the entire album of fall and winter beads is on sale this weekend only for 30% off.

Tons of Halloween...stock up for next year!... as well as a few Christmas and a Hanukkah set.

Just a sampling:

Thanks, as always for l@@king!