Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hitting the Bay Hard!

Inventory Cleanout on Ebay

I've finally made good on my promise to just get stuff up on Ebay! I REALLY want to cut down on some of my inventory especially on my axillary sites! So, after slashing all prices over on Artfire, I've started moving stuff to Ebay and will continue to do so EVERY Thursday until my inventory is back to manageable numbers.

I plan to list 8 - 10 sets every week. People have been getting some GREAT deals on glass beads. It's a good time to stock your bead box!!! Click images below to go to some of the current auctions or use my Ebay shop link to see all my auctions (there are EIGHT bead auctions this week!) INCLUDING some NEW and gently used scrapbook supplies.

These plus a few more end tomorrow!!! 
NEXT WEEK: LOTS MORE HEARTS, an ice cream cone focal, a few fish and a large lentil! New listings go up Thursday!

I've also been adding a few new beads to the Holly's Folly site.   Thanks as always for l@@king! Holly

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

#1 Money Saving Tip For Brides

Everyone wants to save money on a wedding!  And there are a myriad of ways to do that. But THE number one money saving tip I've learned of is... keep your wedding a secret.

No, not from your friends and family! But from your vendors! Think about it... of all the services you hire and items you buy, which vendors really need to know it's for a wedding?? Just a few come to mind: the minister, the florist, the cake maker and the the dress shop. Beyond that, no one needs to know it's for a wedding. What's left can often be a big chunk of your wedding budget: the location, the caterer and entertainment.

So what's the advantage here? Let me explain how I came to know this fantastic money saving tip: I used to be an on staff production manager for a very busy commercial production house. A large portion of a PM's job is to negotiate contracts with vendors. I shared an office with two other PM's who were engaged to one another and planning their wedding.

The girl would play "naive Susie" on the phone...gushing about her nuptials as she got price quotes on every detail that was included and what was extra. Her intended would turn around and call the same vendor with pretty much the same details (number of people, menu items, etc). Only he would refer to the event as "a party." Their quotes from the same vendor would often be hundreds of dollars apart!

The fact of the matter is...many vendors simply charge more for a wedding. And I'm certain the reason is "the Bridezilla factor"! Many brides see the wedding as the day to be "all about me." (Er.... what about your new husband?) Or their chance to be a princess. They act like spoiled brats and treat their vendors like slaves.

It's the same with my own business. If someone is easy peasy to deal with and is a regular, I toss in freebies and offer discounts. But I have one customer that, while she does spend quite a lot, is always unhappy. She returns stuff from every other order. She changes her mind while we are in production. And when I was so sick after Christmas, I started hearing from other wholesale customers that my items were being sold on ebay! This woman was over ordering using her wholesale discount to sell my stuff at rock bottom prices!  Freebies I had tossed in her box on good faith that they would be used for samples in her shop were also being sold for next to nothing. Let's just say that when someone who is that much of a PITA ain't gonna get a discount... I don't care how often she asks! 

So... bridezillas, PLEASE DON'T USE THIS TIP! It will backfire in your face!  In the end, my friends saved thousands on their wedding. Only the band complained.  My friends were quick to point out that they were in "the business" and ending up tossing a few hundred more to the boys in the band. I wouldn't have done that. I would have had the number to the local consumer reporter on speed dial. If the band walked, I would've plugged in my ipod... a very un-bridezilla move.

As long as you remain pleasant to deal with and state your truth (It IS just a party!), you should be able to save lots of money!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Beading - Not Making Beads

I've been a busy beading maniac. So why no new beads??? I haven't been making any! I've been working on my niece's wedding projects and I'm sure in the coming month there will be a slew of wedding posts here. So if you find wedding bling and how to save lots of money on a wedding interesting... do check in!

This is one of our latest projects - a work still in progress. The niece is the only girl with lots of aunties who love and spoil her and she is SO not Bridezilla. She just trusts us! (Silly girl!) Seriously though, her aunties are all very talented and creative and one (our fearless leader) has a background in fashion and graphic design.

Since we may have a limited load in time at the location and we are doing all of the decorating ourselves, we are building vignettes for each of the tables (Candy, Sweethearts, Memorial, Guest check in) and taking pictures and storing everything for one table in a box with the pictures so that any "elves" (i.e. cousins and bridesmaids) that show up to help and look and the photo and set up the table.

This piece is probably going on the candy table as it has such a girly sense of whimsy! We found the ballerina on sale at Ross. It had hideous pink plastic drops with large brass split rings dangling from the skirt.

I removed those and started making heart shaped drops with Swarovski crystals...which got a little complicated. I shape one side of the wire in a swirl, hammer and texture with both side of a chasing hammer, add an 8mm crystal, round the top of the other side of the heart, more hammering, add another crystal and wrap onto the skirt. I quickly decided to do every other loop of the skirt!

 The bestie had these plastic (but adorable) red drops from the cake stand project she did. I added them to every other loop of the skirt in both the large and small sizes.

Finally, I could NOT leave the bodice plain! I'll be filling that in with more Swarkies. I have my work cut out for me!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Inside My Jewelry Box: Sparkle

This is one of my most favorite pieces. It was the piece I entered into the recent Fire Diva's Bead Black Tie Bead Challenge.

I just love how this piece sparkles and shines and no, the photo doesn't do it justice. Truth be told, it was a bead I didn't feel comfortable selling as I noticed a hairline crack deep within this hollow upon cleaning. Which means I toss it or keep it for myself. Most all my jewelry is made from mistake beads...

So, knowing full well that crack could eventually break, I did a simple design with universal wraps of sterling wire and filled the hollow with tons of gorgeous Swarovski crystals and cubic zironias. This piece rattles and it shines... it's such an eye catcher.

And while most cameras never seem to capture blue accurately... this one is no exception.... it's in  my favorite denim / steel blue colors. A great way to dress up while dressing down!

Even with that crack... I've worn this piece for years, frequently banging it on table and desk tops. It's still glowing strong!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

HUGE Sale on Glass Beads and Jewelry!

I am really motivated to clean out my existing inventory of glass beads, especially on Artfire.  I've LOWERED all prices over there even on jewelry!!
There are some HUGE focals for 19.99
That huge glass bead took well over an hour of flame shaping not to mention the custom frit blend!

There are  many hand sculpted sets   for  19.99! Another custom frit blend on these.

There are some fantastic single beads marked down to 4.99

Beads / jewelry... it all must go. I'm hoping to have an "ebay sale" without going to the trouble of listing there. So, if you've had your eye on something... Now's the time!

Rubber stamps and made to order items are NOT on sale.

Thanks as always for l@@king!