Thursday, September 9, 2010

Maybe Tiger Beads Aren't so Great

Yes, I hit "the wall" making tiger beads yesterday. I only have 10 mandrels that size and somewhere along bead 4 - I was just OVER it! Last night I cleaned them all and put all into baggies according to size. I need three more. Three MORE!

Which to anal retentive picky ole me means at least five more. And with my sizing issues equals TWO more torch sessions. ARGH!

But I guess I should look at it like ONLY five more!!! Yay! Truth be told, I'm dying to make some other things...

And since I was going to hit the torch an hour and a half ago and instead had a customer with some odd computer issues. (Warning: Soap Box Alert! - COME ON PEOPLE!!! Why, Why, WHY IS ANYONE STILL USING MICROCRAP INTERNET EXPLODER???? Mozilla and Safari are much better options!!!! ) I just got off the phone and have to leave for an appointment so... no tigers this morning!

But I do have a new deal of the day:

A Woman's Heart is 50% off today 9/9/2010 ONLY! 

I've been really good about listing the specials on the glass beads website as well as my fan page. So please check in over the weekend! New Deal of the Day EVERY DAY!

And speaking of weekends, I hope yours is WONDERFUL! See you Monday on the Bead Blog.

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Anonymous said...

Sweet site, I hadn't noticed before in my searches!
Carry on the good work!