Monday, June 22, 2015

Fresh Glass 6.22.15

More fresh glass... And back to the drawing board... what a crap sesh!

On the left, I was playing around with a flat stringer I learned in Corina's class...only I had to use a fussy, reacting, devitrifying pink in the middle... Just a piece of crap...

Then, I was trying my hand at Lori and Kim's Candy Jacks...using their cupcake murrini... can you even tell those are cupcakes??? I can't.... sigh!

The next silver glass lentil I like... and I like the cz candy jack... at least I can tell they are czs in there! But I used more of that fussy pink... ugh!

Different can see all the divit... and the lack of definition in the cupcake.
Here  is the crack in the lentil... compatibility for sure...dichro, fussy boutique glass...destined for a water bath!

And here's the CZ bead:

I've been on vacay in Louisiana with the pup...hope to be feeding some of these to Facebook in the next week.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Fresh Glass 6.18.15

More Fresh Glass: this batch is the result of playing around with lapis and ivory. A friend had told me about the several shades of Avorio lapis glass... it is ivory and lapis mixed... I decided to try and create the effect on my own.  The bead on the right was first... and I used cobalt instead of lapis. I got very little striation of color and realized my mistake.

Then came the bead on the left... LOVELY striations! Then I made the two silvered ivory beads... the long one broke... ugh! And the heart is a bead that over grew the lentil mold. Sigh...

Monday, June 15, 2015

Fresh Glass 6.15.15

Back to the fresh glass beads posts:A large ivory and green lentil that I can't remember why I made and...drums, drums drums! Purple with purple metallic bands, Gold with gold metallic and extinct metallic over black...

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

We Interrupt These Fresh Glass Broadcasts...

... to show off a lot of beads that have been adopted!  I haven't really shown off any sold work since February! Wow! How's that for lack of promotion!??

My college bestie bought this bead and had me wrap it... the funny thing was, I was thinking of her and a dress she had when I made it! She bought it without knowing that!

The guitar sold lickety split! I loved the back of that bead: 

And the dichro on the front!
This was a turtle / ocean bead from my Corina class:

This was an End of Day bead from the same class:

Another End of day bead...I've been trying to use up some of the stringers on my desk!

This floral found a home:
I've been selling off that fabulous huge z99 set from when I first started lampworking in parts... makes me so sad... although I made more money from the parts than anyone was willing to pay for the set! 

And more....

All were sold on Facebook! I'm trying to concentrate my efforts on the Fire Divas Glass Market, Glass Beads for Sale and Artisans Lampwork Beads for Sale

Monday, June 8, 2015

Fresh Glass 6.8.15

More drums...  This time in my "April" series and a defunct silver laden frit over black... and there are more to come!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Fresh Glass 6.7.15

MORE Drums... finished the pink series in this batch and moved on to blue over brown...

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Fresh Glass 6.4.15

I'm still obsessed with that pink frit and the drum shapes! There's an "Oh $h17! Flat fish in there... a bead that over grew the mold... and the olive mold I use for when that happens... and the 1" lentil mold for when the olive mold is too small.... Mad skills this beadmaker has! You'll see those shapes if you look... And a guitar!
The guitar is a prototype for a memorial bead series. I adore it but man, is the mold pricey as heck! These tool makers are nuts! And so are us desperate beadmakers...
It's already cleaned and listed on the Facebook sales pages. Message me if you want a link...

I think I like the colors on the back better than the front!

And the drawings over on  Glass Beads for Sale will be this week...still time to enter! 

There are ways to get multiple entries! Donna's giveaway is here. My giveaway is here.