Monday, December 30, 2013

Scenes from the Bakery Show

I thought I would share some booth photos from my local show at the Back Door Bakery. I was very pleased sales-wise although it was fairly slow until the end! I had one sale within minutes and another shortly after... and nothing until the last hour of the show! That hour was steady and busy and I was thrilled for a little pre-Christmas dough!

 I always believe in making use of vertical space. It's great to create different viewing planes...more space to capture the eye of your customer. I placed a 18 beads on my "neutral" gray business cards and velcroed them to fabric boards.

I have several jewelry displays are a female form draped in a formal black gown. You can always find these at Ross / Marshall's / TJ Maxx / Home Goods.  I draped bracelets on them:

This Teapot is from my cake show days...made by an old business partner. Take an old teapot. Form spirals on several pieces of 16 gauge armature wire and feed ends through the bottom end of a funnel. Plop some glue down the funnel so the wire doesn't come out. Glue funnel upside down on teapot  and glue the lid off kilter on front... I used this for card displays at stamp / cake shows but it's awesome for earrings! I elevate it on a plastic display and keep extra earrings of a similar style stashed under there.  You can see the under side in the photo above.

Out front, I use baskets filled with rock salt to display necklaces. Many beaders use rice but I find that makes my jewelry "scummy." Salt is much cleaner. There was a kid there that had had the stomach flu and squeamish me kept reminding myself, "Bacteria can not grow in salt!"
I took some of my Christmas fusing pieces and displayed those in another basket with some pendants:

I collect small metal trays every time I'm in China town and I use these to fill in holes on the table:

I always carry an antique saucer that I use for all my Sweet Treat beads...they just look happier on something more formal!

My emergency addition for this show was something to display my wine toppers. Am I ever glad I had it cause I sold so many! I took a 4x4 and drilled 1.25" circles in it! Worked fine...not that sophisticated but eye catching all the same!

 I hope all of you have a wonderful and blessed New Year and I'll see you on the flipside of 2014!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Paypal Ship Now

I was talking with another lampworker last week and the subject of shipping to a customer who has paid you without using Paypal came up. Many folks use those pay through the nose by the month services. I've never had money to burn like that. But many mistakenly think that is the ONLY way to have tracking on a first class package. Not true!

Someone told me about Paypal Ship Now years ago. I just sort of assumed everyone knew about it... but it really does seem to be a "secret" link in Paypal. Well... not so secret now. You DO have to be logged in for the link to work.

It's a good thing to know about as we don't ALWAYS receive a Paypal payment for something. I take credit cards via my website. Old friends send me checks. I still get money orders from time to time.  But you can still ship 1st class USPS WITH tracking using that link. The shipping window is almost identical to Paypal's regular shipping window...only the address is black. Fill it in and the rest is exactly the same.

Paypal Ship Now is a very good thing... spread the word!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Overwhelming Good Feeling

I admit it. When I would see other beadmakers post photos of their stuffed outgoing mail, it would sting a little. I rarely sell anything and it's even rarer that I I have two packages going out with beads in them...much less a box full!

 And seriously, my stamp business hasn't had boxes full of packages shipping out since mid -2008. Oh how I longed to have something that people wanted! But my last trunk show was WONDERFUL! For the very fist time in my bead-making "career" - if you can call it that - I had multiple bead packages going out!!! And it felt amazing!!!

This was day one after the show:

And day two:

And two more priority boxes with over almost 2 pounds of beaded goodies in each left yesterday! It's such a good feeling to have customers appreciate your work!!!

If you were one this past week, THANK YOU!!! 

Friday, December 13, 2013

Sidewalk Sale Sunday

Sorry to go all radio silent on you after so many posts in a row... The show was more wonderful than I expected and I've been a busy bee packing and shipping and still have more to send! More on all that later but I wanted to mention that I will be having a live and in person show this Sunday in my hometown of Sunland at the Back Door Bakery.
The Back Door Bakery is at 8668 Foothill. I will be bringing lots of versions of these:
Would you believe I had two in my show and I sold FIVE???

I will be bringing more jewelry than beads as I'm hoping that's what will sell well  at Christmas. But I will fill in with come "conversation starter" beads:

Friday, December 6, 2013

The Trunk Show is OPEN!!!

The Trunk Show is open!!! Come on over and take a look!!!

This Snow man mini is a 99 cent auction today!!!

Even a hammered silver focal!!!

Come on over and do some holiday shopping!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Trunk Show Final Prep!

The Trunk Show is tomorrow!!! I've been a busy bee editing pics and promoting and such! There will be bids as well as buy it now, and even some 99 cent auctions and prizes every day! I have several categories of offerings!!


Including lots and lots of Bellflowers:

Finished jewelry (I made three necklaces and one bracelet just this morning! 
including several pairs of earrings ready for wearing or gifting! (These are MY fave!)
I have some really elaborate pieces as well as some simple pendants:

I have lots of glass bead addition to all the wine stoppers and bottle openers I've shared, I've photographed some of my fusing plates!

There will be plenty of focals too: 

This will be one of the 99 cent auctions:

Be sure to JOIN the Trunk Showto see all the goodies and be able to shop and comment! Thanks as always for looking!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

More Bead Porn!

Show Prep continues! I've got a kajillion photos to edit... gonna be a long few days!

Trunk Show in 2 DAYS!!! Be sure to join to be able to shop!  I will also accept bids by email! ;-)

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Bead Porn!!!

I LOVE what popped out the kiln!! It's so rare I'm happy with everything! Check out these "dirty beads."

I so want that bent bead for myself! I always feel guilty when I say that... I'm most enamored with my snowman... I wanted him to be huge and to have coal pieces for a mouth (not just round dots) and a "jaunty" hat.  I love him I love him I love him!!!

Trunk Show in 3 DAYS!!! Be sure to join to be able to shop!  I will also accept bids by email! ;-)

Monday, December 2, 2013

The Trunk Show Is Coming Up FAST!!!!

OMG! The trunk show is in a few days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am FREAKING OUT! I don't feel like I have enough "stuff"...I'm not nearly as organized with folders and folders of pics and descriptions ready to paste.... Heck, I haven't even taken pics in days!

And I wasted a huge chunk of today on a job interview. Wasted? Yes, I NEED a job but... the person who wanted to interview me didn't show up! And now our weather is getting COLD... highs in the 40s are NOT conducive to the giganto beads I like to make! GRRRRR. So, I'm stressified!

I did finally get some artwork up and invite my friends to the show... Stupid Facebook won't let me invite my fans.... grrrr. So if you are interested, PLEASE JOIN!!

Here are some of the bottle openers I will have in the gifts category to wet your whistle!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Silver River Trunk Show is ON

The Fire Diva's Trunk Shows continue! Silver River Trunk show today and tomorrow!  Go HERE to see all the goodies!  There are all types of handmade beads, gifts and finished jewelry. This will end tomorrow (Saturday) night at 11 pm.   Come join the fun!  Sonja almost never discounts her beads  so come take advantage!

Let's take a look at some of the goodies!!!

Album #1 Features Jewelry and Gifts

Album #2 features Focals and Pairs

Album #3 features Sets and Spacers

Album #4 features European Bracelet Charms
Come take a look!!! Lots of great deals on some fabulous glass beads!!!