Friday, September 17, 2010

Amazing Artfire Deal!

Artfire, my favorite selling venue is having a great deal and I thought I should let all you crafty /arty types know.

They are moving out of beta testing and making a big splash by offering 5.95/ month FOR LIFE selling fees. NO per listing fee. NO final value fee.

What if you are already on Artfire? They will lower your monthly fee. The deal is that they MUST get 20,000 to sign up and they are well on their way (I was #238!)! This is a phenominal deal for a wonderful sales venue.

I love their site for the amazing tech support. Unlike some other sites...they really listen. Not only that, if I wake up and feel like offering a sale, I can to it in seconds! I don't have to sit for hours editing every single item!!

This is a win / win deal... check out the fine print and you will be amazed!!

For details, click here!  Hope to see you on Artfire!

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