Monday, September 30, 2013

Wholesale Glass Beads - Easiest Wholesale Policy Ever!!!

I've decided to re-address my wholesale lampwork policy to make it easier than ever for jewelry designers to get the best prices on my artisan glass beads! Jewelry Designers no longer have to purchase in huge volumes to get the best discount! Simply sign up. I contact you for a copy of your business license and give you your anniversary date. Then, shop as per usual. When your anniversary date arrives, you get a gift certificate based on your discount rate that can be used piece meal over the next year (or all at once, your choice!) How easy is that???

 Your discount is still based on your volume but you have a year to hit those numbers!
  • $200 or less – 10% discount 
  • $201 – $300.99 – 20% discount 
  • $301 – $449.99 – 30% discount 
  •  $450 – $599.99 -40% discount 
  •  $600 and up – 50% And anyone who registers gets 10% off!!! 

This is a great way to get a 10% discount all year long and...if you purchase'll get a nice gift certificate with no obligation to join up again until that certificate is all used up!

There is some fine print: 

  • Discounts taken off retail pricing. 
  • Free Beads Gift Certs and Year End Bonus Certs may not be used in conjunction with volume pricing. 
  • Year End Bonus Certs do not count toward the next year’s purchases. 
I hope this makes it easier for Jewelry designers to use my beads in their work!!! 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Beads Of Courage Bead Challenge

I will be participating in the Bead Challenge this weekend sponsored by the So Cal Flame Surfers in Gardena.

To get ready for the event, I've cleaned out my Beads of Courage drawer... not too many in there as I made a donation this summer.

But I hope to make a lot while I'm at the event!

You can find a way to participate at a city near you on the Beads of Courage Website. They also have a way to participate from home with their Torch from a Distance program.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fresh Glass | Roadblocks to Creativity

This was my fan page post for yesterday:
Your Beadmaker has a case of the BLAHS! I don't want to make beads because I'm feeling uninspired. I don't want to clean beads I've made b/c my dremel is midway on another project. I don't want to photograph cleaned beads b/c it's hot. I don't want to list b/c no one seems to be shopping... sigh #FallDoldrums
So what do you do when you need inspiration???  No, really, I want to know!!  This is the hardest thing for me. I see people make cute little sets... over and over and over... and pass the bullets please! I was never cut out to be a "factory." I knew this with the rubber stamp biz.

Back when rubber stamping was really huge and there were actual rubber stamp stores, several of the more successful manufacturers offered a "card of the month" program. While this was a nice way to guarantee wholesale order every also involved creating a handmade card for every store that subscribed to the program!  And the most had 200 -250 stores subscribed to this plan!  I knew  two of the artists who made these cards every month, Jane Beard, (who drew the Museum of Modern Rubber line that I press) and the late, great Georgia Cerone. Both loved the repetition of the work and having to come up with new designs for next month. I would just die if I had to do that!

And so it goes with beads. I have to have something new going on to keep my brain happy and with the doldrums... how do you just light the torch of inspiration???

I decided to explore some color sites.  I wrote down the color combos that appealed to me and before I knew it... the bead ideas were flowing. I only got a couple of beads made...but that's a start. And sometimes, that's all it takes!

So... what do YOU do when you need inspiration????

FOUR Halloween Pendant specials on the fan page today!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Beads of Courage Torch from a Distance

Sorry for the last minute notification but Beads of Courage is hosting events all across the country on two different dates this month!

Find out more about these specific events by visiting the Beads of Courage site

But that's not all... If you don't live near one of these venues, you can still participate! If you fill out the donation / participation form TODAY, you will get a free logo bead for your Beads of Courage necklace and a decal for your car!! So GO SIGN UP!!!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Trunk Show Wrap Up

I'm still shipping stuff from the trunk show... but all items have been paid for and are going out today along with one of the Gift Cert prizes.

And the food safe rubber stamp shop orders are going freaking nuts! We got a WHOLE PAGE SPREAD in InStyle Magazine's September issue and have been flooded with inquiries as to custom food safe stamps. Just inquiries... but those take time to respond to and walk people through... because no one wants to READ.... sigh.

Still on Facebook as I haven't had time to move him to my site!

And we've also gotten a flurry of actual real paying orders from people who saw the magazine and realized someone owned the old Museum of Modern Rubber line! While this is exciting - hey, paying customers = great! - the idea of being in the hot studio indexing wood thrills me no more than striking up the torch during this heatwave... Not gonna happen!

So I find myself working splits... Up around 4 a.m. to get stuff done while it is kinda cool. 10 - 2 is shipping. 2 - 5 is nap time, 5 - 6 supper and chores, 6 - 8 hike the pup, blog for Glass Beads Daily, feed the pup. 8 - 12 - back to the shop to pack any orders, swim and bed.

It's a weird schedule but it's the only way I can work in this heat!

And since I'm so busy... Items from the trunk show have been filtering through the fan page daily specials, many at less than opening bid prices! But, I hope to be caught up and have some cleaned glass beads to list tomorrow!

Still needs a home....