Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Fresh Glass 5.26.15 Big News and Giveaways

Just OBSESSED with this color and this drum shape... more to come!

And BIG news... The Fire Divas are coming back as a selling team! Check out our new logo by Amy Sims!!

And... my good friend Donna and I are hosting the 1000 member giveaways (yes 2!) on Glass Beads for Sale!

There are ways to get multiple entries! Donna's giveaway is here. My giveaway is here.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Then It Got Better - Much Better

So I ended up with an opportunity to take a Corina class!What? Am I nuts?? Smack in the middle of one of my biggest ever bead funks??  But a friend needed someone to buy her spot in class and I had always longed to take a Corina class... So off I go...not really feeling it. And am I ever glad I did!

We pulled SO much cane for the ocean beads class... a whole day of it! And I'm not one to waste a good cane pull! Thank goodness they had the kiln going... I made one simple but so pretty barrel bead (I brought it home one day two and it didn't make this pic but I promise I'll show it off later!) The heart is the end of another cane pull. I just HATE to waste dicrho!

And while we're on the subject: Pacific Artglass is making their own dichro now! OMG! Is it ever dreamy to work with!  Corina and everyone in class was raving!

The other two are the ocean beads I made in class.

As for a class review...if you ever get the chance to take a class with Corina... GO! For me, the light bulb in my head about blew up when I suddenly "got" my issues with hair thing stringer! That alone was worth the price of admission!!

And sometimes, a funk just needs a little inspiration from a good teacher!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Fugly Truth

Well, here they are. The fugly two beads I made in my first torch sesh in weeks... Enough to make me turn off the torch and just quit. And then I took a Corina class and it all got better! More on that in another post! And... I had my 2nd ever nonpayer this past week. Sigh... why do people do this? Do they just get caught up in the moment and then the reality of their pocketbook hits them upside the head? Is it just excitement of bidding with no plan to ever follow through?? I don't know because that's not my mentality. But how hard is it so just be HONEST? Tell your seller what's going on?? But when you cut off communication and fail to respond to email after email... well, you're scum in my book! And, as I've said before, you mess with my money and you've messed with the wrong damn thing. And, I've very territorial about my friends so her name was Belinda Vause... best to avoid her if you're selling your beads on Facebook!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

'memba Me?

Oy! That was a long break! I torched a bit...but HATED the results of my first torch sesh. And since I'm brutally honest here, I just couldn't bring myself to post... to get over that, I decided to take pics of my last torch session, that I was mostly happy about...except for the dang Clio bead I burned the pink out of! 

 Thanks for looking...I'm still selling lots on Facebook