Tuesday, September 21, 2010

1000 Markets - Sad News

I was very disheartened to hear that 1000 Markets - the venue where I list my jewelry - will be sold to Bonanza. This is not a market I want my handmade jewelry listed in... They sell tons of Chinese poor quality lampwork. People shopping for crap aren't looking for quality SRA lampwork.

My bead promotion team the Fire Divas will not be supporting this venue either.

But, that's good news for my customers! I will be moving my jewelry to Artfire! And lowering some prices to encourage holiday sales! Whoo Hooo!

This is win - win for both of us... I don't have the high final value fees from 1KM to contend with and I get to pass that savings on to you!!

I just moved this necklace over. It's a long crocheted rope and after I made it, I just had to make a bead to match. The glass bead part can be added or removed so you have an every day version and a night time version in ONE necklace!

It will be slowly moving over during the next week. I do hope you'll come take a look!

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