Monday, July 26, 2010

Sidetracked by Torture!

Oh my! It's SO not like me to disappear on you...especially NOT with a contest ending! I had an EARLY morning dental appointment - simple really - a final fitting on that cap from my root canal misadventures of a few weeks ago. I really thought I would be home by lunch at the latest! But I got there and not only was the cap MUCH darker than requested, it didn't fit right on the horizontal and was WAY too long. (I've been accused of being long in the tooth but not because I had a long tooth!)

My dentist insisted on a new impression, which meant packing cord around my gum line...something I hate more than a root canal! Between that and my deep cleaning and the fact that I see one of those big chain (i.e. cheap) dentists that see me while working on five others... I was there four hours and had a pain shooting out the top of my head when I left. I ran a few quick errands for cookie class this weekend and came home and collapsed into bed!

Anyway, I went through all the entries... I counted new fans (8!!) since the contest began even though not all signed in here. I kept track of emails / comments and numbered the entries and went to and my winners are Barbara (Miss Anonymous emailed her identity) and Jennifer. 
Please get in touch via email (on my profile or on one of my 87 dozen websites)  with your addys so I can mail the heart necklaces.

----------------Re: the Holly's Folly Glass Bead Website ------

Yes, I'm aware it is down. My web host had a hardware problem and is moving all sites associated with a particular batch of servers. My bead sites are hosted differently than the stamp sites and Sweet Stampen should not be affected. All should be back to normal in a few days and I will deal with the free beads drawing there tomorrow.


rottrover said...

poor you!!!

vonna said...

I very much dislike going to the dentist! Pure Torture..