Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cookies and Film on the Brain

Much craziness today and nothing beady going on! I awoke in a panic at 4 a.m. - a complete girly panic. A dear friend of mine has a short screen play up for several awards at the Action on Film International Film Fest in Pasadena tonight.  And since he knew for some time that he has a family obligation that's way too fun to miss, he asked me to attend on his behalf. At the time I accepted, I thought it would be as simple as mingle, eat some rubber chicken and clap for the winners.

That is... until my friend emailed me last week with what he would like ME to say should he win. Still it didn't sink in. Last night, I looked up how many awards he was nominated for - four. Still it didn't sink in. Until four this morning. Suddenly, I had a "girl attack" - what would I wear?? And OMG! My hair is a mess!  I need to touch up my roots... OK... it's been so long it's more like 'tan lines!' OY.

To make matters worse, my cookie class this Saturday has grown by leaps and bounds... gotta love those late sign ups! Suddenly, I went from being well prepped on supplies to being out of everything!

So my day is  just crazy: hike, wash hair, dry hair, run to the shop,  mix cookie dough, pack orders, mix more dough (my mixer is humming as I type), keep drying hair.  Stash cookie dough in fridge, answer emails from clients and the college, order fondant, print check for fondant, dash home, dye hair, dash across the valley to pick up fondant, back to the silk flower /ribbon wholesaler for supplies, on to my ceramics vendor for vases, back to the shop to run all the vases through the dishwasher, home to find something to wear and off to the awards dinner. Oh. My. Shoot me now!

Don't forget.... there is another glass bead giveaway going on over at Creekhiker. 

I may be in a coma come Monday...otherwise, I'll see you here on the bead blog!

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