Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Ides of July Is Drawing Near...

OY, that sounds more ominous than intended! Why is the ides of July SO important??? Why, it's the deadline for the Fire Divas Jewelry Challenge. We only have FOUR entries at this point so there is an excellent change for you to get some attention for your jewelry featuring Fire Diva Beads!

Let's look at a little inspiration to get you going on those entries!

Below are some examples the Divas made up to inspire you. These pieces are just lovely but are ineligible to win those fabulous prizes because this contest is all about you and what you can make with Fire Divas Beads!

This first piece is by Lori of Ashlyn Design. It's called "Ode to Chihuly." I see all kinds of summer flowers in this.

And don't you just think of beaches looking at this Silver Glass Choker by Janel Dudley Beads?
Here, a paler blue was used  with copper and glass for a beach feel. This piece is by Sonja of Silver River Glasswork.

And what is it about pink and green? It reminds me of eating watermelon by the river. I love the knotting Lea of LA Jewelry Designs used in this piece.

Here's that color scheme again in a necklace by Susanne of Bab's Beads. In this case, the flowers yield a romantic feel.
The Divas will have some more inspiration for you this week so stay tuned!

Rules and Contest Info are HERE.

I am MIA for most of the day - dentist and toothache ickiness to deal with! So no new beads or listings today...

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