Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Read This When You Get into Your Next Funk

Dear Holly,

You torched today and it made you really happy. It wasn't what you made that made you happy. It was the fact you made something. You got off your lazy duff and did it. And you had fun, felt productive and learned something. It was exhilarating.

You've never made a bead that didn't teach you something. Today you learned that your casing skills have finally matured. You've learned to "read" the bead and know when it's not too hot and not too cold. Maybe making all those huge beads has paid off! And the next time you torch, there will be other challenges, other defeats and other victories. And you will relish them all.

This was not a perfect session by any means. You struggled - making beads in pairs is not your forte - not NOW, anyway - but you powered through. You tried new things... some worked and some did not. But you did it.

And the act of doing is most important. Feeling productive is key to your happiness. Being productive makes you more productive... You've accomplished more in the last two days while still finding time to torch than you have in weeks.

So don't sit there, lost in your own head with your coulda woulda shouldas... Get up and light a fire. You need this.

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Lauren said...

I will definitely remember this next time I'm in a funk or putting off making a certain bead. You are so right, Holly - each time you torch you learn something or get something new out of it. Some days can surprise you, and that's the best. Other days, the things you learn are much more subtle, but they're still there. It's all about attitude, right? Thanks for the post, Holly!