Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'd Like to Thank the Academy...

Wouldn't you know it? I had good reason to address those "tan lines" in my hair! My buddy won an award!!! I'm so so so proud of him!!

I was simply giddy all night last night! I ate my rubber chicken and met a LOT of really talented writers. It was so nice to see so many honored. Action on Film is one cool Film Festival!

Did Ya'll Notice???

Did anyone notice that I closed yesterday's Wednesday blog with my usual THURSDAY greeting??? I was one crazy Daisy yesterday. And NO, I did NOT get all those errands run. I ran out of time. So guess what I'm up to today in addition to baking like a mad woman???

OK... How 'bout a Little Something Beady? 

I did get some new stuffs up on the glass beads website. I ADORE this new focal... it's soooo sparkly! You cannot believe how it catches the light!

The SALE is Ending....

The Christmas in July Sale is ending on 7/31. 10% off & FREE shipping Etsy / Artfire items. ON ETSY, you MUST convo me first! No convo, no discount!

And come Monday, I'll see you here on the bead blog!

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