Monday, July 19, 2010

Custom Order | Being a Good Customer

Happy Monday! I've been dealing with website mishaps and the rubber stamp orders are rocking this morning. I'm so full of gratitude... The orders I've gotten today will allow me to breathe into next month! Whew... One day at a time, right?

I also have a jar full of glass beads to take off mandrels and another cup waiting to be cleaned. Why do I do this to myself???

But I wanted to write about the other side of customer service. I've done my share of harping on what it takes to deliver good customer service but sometimes... we have customers who make that VERY difficult!

I've been working (and working) on a custom bead order for months now. I would get an email asking about it...could I do this or that. I would answer within hours and ask a question or two and then...NOTHING. Weeks would go by. I would get another email answering my question which lead to another question and I would answer quickly, hoping the customer might still be online and... nothing.

I made preliminary sketches and even a small prototype. And I waited. Weeks later, another email. But at that moment, I was busy. And I was rather shocked to receive another email the next day!

Let me get this straight: You can take two weeks + to answer me but I can't have 24 hours to reply???

FINALLY, she suggested we connect by phone and we worked out the details. But overall, it was a bit frustrating. I know I don't fit in the normal world...people don't move at my pace. I come from the world of television commercials. I need it fast, I need it NOW...make that YESTERDAY! But still, in the age of constant contact... there is no excuse. If you contact a vendor by email, they assume you are checking yours.

I've had similar things happen in the stamp shop. Someone writes to ask about a custom order, I answer and nothing. Days later, they call and inquire about the same order and I ask, "Did you get my email???"

"Uh, no. I don't go online that much?"


It makes me want to say something I found so offensive when said to me. While looking for work, I've become sooooo frustrated at getting an HR person on the phone. It's damn near impossible! One website went so far as to say this:

    "Absolutely no phone calls. If you calls us, we will not consider you for this position. The Internet is your friend. USE IT!"

If you contact a vendor by email, CHECK YOUR EMAIL. If you are not comfortable with this form of communication, STEP OUT OF THE DARK AGES! Or, I'm a nice person, really...just ask me to call you! I'll be happy to!

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Patrice of Shepherd Creations said...

Lovely ocean bead!

I heard you were emailing is just a formality for you on a custom order, right? :P Good luck with it, and I hope she appreciates the end result. I know it'll be great.