Monday, July 5, 2010

Fall? Winter? Huh?

I so wish I were one of those capable of thinking ahead. I'm just starting to think about summer. Heck it was so chilly here in Los Angeles last night that, for the first time in 11 summers, it was too COLD to sit in the pool and watch fireworks! Is it any wonder I'm confused?

But no, as a beadmaker, I need to be making fall and winter colors NOW for jewelry designers to be able to make jewelry and still sell it in time for the season. So I'm trying to shift my thoughts. As always some color helps!
This is the color chart for fall by Fire Mountain Gems. I will be printing this out and hanging it by my torch for inspiration.

Fall...harumph! OK, I'll try! But I am NOT making snowmen in August!

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Karolen said...

Thanks for sharing this chart, I love the colors. It's strange to have to think a season ahead... just yesterday i realized i need to start thinking about Christmas beads! Fall is my favorite beadmaking season because I love organics.
I'm a fan of your FB page and saw your blog post there :-)