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Ten Glassy Things with Theresa Ehlers

Fellow Fire Diva Theresa Ehlers is this month's Diva of the Month. Just in case you don't follow my series on that blog, (but you do, DON'T YOU?) I wanted to post my favorite questionnaire from the series here. It's about all the glassy things a bead artist does and I often ask these questions to other artists as well.

But come along and get to know Theresa of Tease Beads, and take a moment to read the beginning post of this series here and get to know her silly side here.

Nature's Serum Vessel

What attracted you to glass:

I actually started beading first, and loved it. I used to watch the show That’s Clever, and one day a lampworker was on. I never knew it was possible to make your own beads! Once I tried it I was hooked – but that’s usually how it goes!

Many glass artists have training in other art mediums. Do you? If yes, please explain.

Nope. Unless you count the two sketching/charcoal drawing classes I took in High School.

Describe the first bead you made that you were really proud of? Are you still proud of it now? (Please send a photo if you have one.)
Customer's private collection.

It was actually a set. Believe it or not I just sold it this winter. It was a set of rounds made of ivory and light turquoise.

What inspires you?

The glass and warm weather.

Do you have a plan when you sit down to torch? Do you sketch beads or have photos around for reference?

Sometimes I have an idea in my head, but I try not to do that. It never comes out the way I pictured it, and then I get frustrated. Most of the time I just go with what feels right at the moment.

Photography seems to be a key element for any glass artist. What type of camera / lightbox set up do you use?

I just bought a new camera – a Kodak easyshare. It is 10mp whereas my last one was only four. It’s a huge difference! I also use a white light box I bought on Ebay for $10, and I stuck it inside a cardboard box to keep the light in. For lighting I have a desktop lamp with a very bright fluorescent bulb aimed into the light box.

If the issue of finances (i.e. will it sell?) were of no consequence, what would you spend your time making?

The same thing I make now. I just make what I like, and if someone else likes it, that’s great! If not, oh well. Eventually someone will come looking for it.

What kind of jewelry do you wear? Everyday vs. out on the town?

Everyday. I almost always have lampwork around my neck, even if it is as simple as a focal on a cord or chain.

What is the one skill you wish came easier to you?

Shaping beads freehand (like rounds). It takes me way too long so I just don’t bother. I’m much too impatient.

What do you love about marketing your business? What’s the hardest part of marketing it?

The thing I love most is seeing my work on display online in my shops, on twitter, and on facebook. I like to be able to look at my creations. It gives me motivation and ideas. It’s much easier to look online than to pull out all my containers and look at the beads themselves! I enjoy web design, too, so creating my site was really fun.

The hard part is reaching people and setting prices, especially in this economy. I think because it is difficult to reach people now, I am having a hard time establishing a name for myself and proving that my work is worth buying.

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The final article about Theresa will run on March 22. Check out the Fire Divas blog to see it!

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