Monday, March 22, 2010


Now that the Fire Divas Easter / Passover Challenge is over, I can write about that bead. I was so so proud of this two piece set, called The Eggster Bunny. I could not believe how perfectly balanced she is! I sat the body on my desk and stared at it for days!

When I made the set, I wanted a bunny - (chocolate, of course!) based on an egg shape. My intention was to wire wrap the top and bottom with my usual Swarovski bits dangling from the bottom. But seeing how this little gal could sit up on her own, I knew I had to keep that feature. After all, I enjoyed seeing her sit on my desk...wouldn't her future owner???

So I wrapped a spiral so the wire would come up out of the center, keeping her bottom flat. I did a double loop bail and split it to carry on the big ears theme...but it also looks rather "heartish."

I was on such a torch high that week having made both the bunny set and this floral below, which also stood of its on accord!!!
Custom Floral Focal

I've listed all the holiday items on Artfire, including this chocolate egg focal.

Reminder: there are some fabulous prizes in the Fire Divas Jewelry Design contest! Check it out!!!

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Twinkietinydog said...

The Eggster Bunny is too unique for words!!! How do you get it balanced so perfectly. It's probably a one in a million piece.