Monday, March 8, 2010

Sunshine Award

Kate at Organic Odyssey has selected my blog for the Sunshine Award. I was so flattered especially coming on the heels of a post that I was very proud of writing.

Here are the rules, so please pass this award along….
The rules for accepting the Sunshine Award are:
- Put the logo on your blog or within your post.
- Pass the award onto 12 bloggers.
- Link the nominees within your post.
- Let the nominees know they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
- Share the love and link to the person from whom you received this award.

(Can I just say??? I HATE this part!)

1) Janel of Janel Dudley Beads - Janel is a fellow Fire Diva and she is PURE sunshine to that group. Always thinking, doing, plugging (other's work more often than her own!). I love her sunny disposition and both her blogs!

2) Ema of Ema K Designs - Another Diva. Ema posts on Mondays and her posts always make me think and stretch a bit. She is an inspiration always!

3) Donna of I'm No Prima Donna - Yes, another Diva but, I've known Donna personally for years and she is single handedly responsible for bringing TOP NOTCH beadmakers to Southern California to teach! Her shop rocks and so do the teachers she attracts! And I've been nagging her to blog on a more public forum and she leapt right in. I'm so proud of her because I think she has a lot to say (and having cute dogs for blog fodder never hurts!)

4) Lauren of Maybeads - OK...just one more Diva (what can I say? I find ALL the Divas inspiring! I love Lauren's shiny view of the world and especially all things murrini! Her beads make me smile!

5) Keiara of Keiara's Keep - Her photo always makes me smile - I always longed for purple hair! And her beads ROCK!

6) Lezlie of Lezlie B's Beady Reflections - a/k/a Cankeep - Lezlie is on of the first beadmakers I followed religiously when I even before I became aware of what lampwork was! My pal, Becky Meverden had been given a Sock Monkey glass bead from Lezlie to give to Carol Duvall. It was a stunner. Lezlie is to this day one of my favorites. I adore her work for the simple reason she seems to follow her muse whether her muse is cute one day or organic the next. As someone who has a fickle muse myself, I love that about her. I love that she keeps me guessing! I treasure the pieces of hers I own.

7) Becky of The Constant Crafter - Becky is a long time friend from my Carol days. She's a talent polymer clay designer and jewelry designer and has been known to make beads on occaision! Watching her grow from a rather shy lady into a media savvy pro has been one fun trip!

8) Lori of Pretty Things - A very inspiring blog by renown jewelry designer Lori Anderson.
She reviews books, post bits of inspiration and shares her design journey.

9) The Art Bead Scene - This is a group blog and I just love it. Devoted entirely to the use of artist made beads, there is always something exciting to see and the contests just wow me every month. They also make me stretch as an artist! And they are SO on top of the latest trends!

10) Sylvie of Sylvie Bead Journal - Sylvie is an amazing teacher and has such an eye for whimsy. I love to see what she's up to. Her coffee addiction is a thing of wonder as much as her beads!

11) Lx (Louis) from Powder French - Lou was one of the art directors on Carol Duvall. He's one of those guys that not only thinks outside the box, he recycles the box and uses something else entirely. He works in many artistic media and his take on the world is always thought provoking and exciting.

12) Twinkie from Twinkie Tiny Dog - Please overlook the fact that she's my "God-dog-ther," her blogs are so funny and always make me smile. If you've never explored the world of dog blogs.... Twinkie is a fine place to start!

So... check out some new blogs and see what you are missing! And to all of the above: Thanks SO much for bringing a little sunshine into my life!

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Twinkietinydog said...

Feeling a little out of place here, but I am deeply honored! Congratulations on your award and muchas gracias for thinking of my blog.