Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Inspiration for Your Creations!

The Fire Divas Quarterly Jewelry Challenge is underway! We've already had a few entries and we are hoping for MORE! If you use Fire Diva beads in your creations, I urge you to enter!!! The prizes are AWESOME! I would SO love to see some of my own beads in there!!! I've never seen ONE photo of my beads in someone else's jewelry... so make my dream come true!!!!

The theme is Spring and there are lots of fabulous prizes to win, all shown in this thread. We're excited, and we know you are too. To tide you over, we thought we would give you a little "eye candy" to help inspire beautiful creations for the challenge! These are all pieces made by our very own Fire Divas, using their own breathtaking lampwork. Enjoy!

The best part is...we have more to come! Look for another inspirational blog post next week featuring more incredible work from our lovely and talented Fire Divas!

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Createology said...

Very beautiful and fun eye candy indeed. Thank you for sharing. Happy creating...