Monday, March 1, 2010

Reliving the Good Old Days / Fire Divas Jewelry Challenge

I'm out of town for a few days celebrating the 25th year of the my sorority chapter which I helped found on my college campus. I will return in a day or two but posting may be a bit erratic this week as it's also birthday week and I like to hide from the world on my birthday!

But I should be posting again by March 4th so come back and visit!


I wanted to put a bug in your ear about the upcoming Fire Divas Jewelry Challenge. The Deadline is April 1st and this time, only jewelry designed with Fire Diva Beads is eligible. The theme and prize details are still being worked out but I do know lots of Diva Gift Certificates will be up for grabs as prizes! The theme will most likely be Spring related... so put your thinking caps on and Join our Flickr group - That's where the entries will be hosted.

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