Monday, April 18, 2011

Beads of Courage Event

The Beads of Courage event in Orange on Saturday was very successful! We had a great turnout and raised money and awareness and got lots of beads made!

For me personally... the morning did not go as planned. I was on the freeway, driving down the backside of our mountain when my check engine light came on! My car sputtered and smoked as I exited and took surface streets back up the mountain and home. After getting some help from my new favorite mechanic, Bessie the Jeep was feeling dandy enough to make the trip to OC... an hour and a half late! OY!!! Of all the days! Being late threw me off my game and I forgot the camera in the car!

I arrived too late to donate the necklace I had made to the raffle. But they had SO many gorgeous entries... it was no biggie.

Luckily I was there in time to set up my part of the boutique and get to my job at the bracelet making table. People purchased a bracelet kit containing two elastic beading cords...prepared with a rainbow stop bead to make it easy for kids. They got to make a bracelet for themselves and one for the kids in the program. I was amazed at how many made both for the kids! We had some really talent bracelet designers come through.

Next, I was on the torch for two hours and what a hot day it was! I think I drank three bottles of water while torching and I only got up to put beads in the kiln! My group was so amazed at how many beads the previous group had made. By the beginning of the third shift, our team leader was purchasing MORE mandrels for us to use in the event! We made 150 beads (I think it was closer to 200) for the Beads of Courage program!

We met some incredible parents and kids dealing with cancer. More than a few tears were shed too!

The boutique was really successful too! It was rather interesting to watch folks wander through and purchase nothing. Then they would go watch the bead making demo and they would come back and buy, buy, buy!
I was so excited to come out of my demo and see my Eggster Bunny had found a home! I sold quite a few items ... all for a good cause.

It was a very fun and meaningful day!

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