Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Lot Behind - OWOH Winner!

Do you ever have some little task you should do but you are really busy and just don't get to it? And then when you do have the time...it's embarrassing how much time has past? Welcome to my embarrassment!

One World One Heart - the blog hop event was back in February. You know... the month I lost to commercial advertising and working / commuting 16 - 18 hours a day?? Yeah, that month! Anyway, I was overly efficient in making sure my winners got their prizes - I even helped with the distribution of the Fire Diva's Prizes!

While I helped compose the post about the Diva winners, I've never posted my own!! OMG! [Scrapes egg from her face]

The  winner of this heart was Jodi of Jodeao Design:

Jodi is a multi talented artist who knits and makes hats and beads and works in an art gallery and raises a toddler!

Ok... I need to go wash my face... Or maybe I should post something similar on my OTHER blog!

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