Thursday, April 14, 2011

Final Show Prep - Tagging & Inventory

I finished up the few pieces of jewelry I had to make yesterday. I've been slowly making the switch to steel in my jewelry with silver running $40 an ounce. It just doesn't seem right in this economy to charge so much more for sterling.

I really love how my mouse ears came out:

OMG! Creating tags by hand is PITA! I spent over an hour on photoshop trying to print the front and back in alignment. Once that was working, I printed the tags on heavy matte cardstock and that left cutting. I got out my Sissix... but I didn't have a 1.5" circular punch. I tried a heart shape... too small and weird. Then I tried a Christmas ornament and hand cutting off the top part... too crooked and weird!

Back to the craft studio and a found a HUGE punch by emaginations. I got lots of supplies gifted to me working on a crafting tv show and this punch was one of them. I had never used it. I made ONE punch in my cardstock and the bottom broke! By the third tag, the whole thing came apart. emaginations appears to be out of business and if this is the quality of their products, I can see why!  I saw someone re-selling some of their punches but even at a buck apiece... they are OVERpriced!

I finally found another square punch...not the look I was going for but... whatever...I'm on deadline!
Here's one of the round tags:

I thought I would share with you the inventory sheet. It's not unusual for any boutique to ask a supplier for an inventory. But I've found, when others are selling my work, it's best to have a photo of the piece in the inventory as well. So I took the form supplied by Beads of Courage and flipped it on it's side to add another column for the pictures.

Looking at this picture reminds me of one more thing I need to tweak. Since I was too busy with taxes to deal with a lot of new inventory, I pulled jewelry or things I wanted to wrap from my existing glass bead shops. The first two letters of the inventory number were to be my shop name; the next two digits are the number of the item (we are each allowed 25 items). But I added one more letter. h refers to, a refers to Artfire... so now I know which inventory box to return them to! Only, I stopped doing that about halfway through my prep.  I better get back to work! 

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