Friday, April 1, 2011

Just Couldn't Resist

A few months ago, I had a snarky seller write to me and claim this picture of my friction clasp necklaces was "stolen" from her.
I knew it was not. But, I also don't save the large original files from my accessories products to cut down on file space. I will admit...I do steal photos from time to time of the accessories I sell... from the manufacturer I purchase them from. I ask before I do and the attitude is always... if you sell more, we sell more. But this picture was taken on my own back porch.

I told her over and over I had not stolen anything from her. They are rubber and come tightly coiled from the manufacturer...that's the way they lay. But nothing doing... she just insisted. Tired of dealing with this little pest after her emailing me ALL day long, I grabbed a necklace and some red background paper. As I was editing the photo, I looked around on Etsy. I must have a direct link to the manufacturer because my price is cheaper than any other there.

And since I love having a go at someone who tormented me by wasting a day of my life, I couldn't resist a little photoshopping! Here's my NEW photo:

I couldn't wait to send her my new picture! Kinda cheeky but hey, payback is a rude girl! 

I sell these rubber necklaces to go with my off mandrel hearts: 

And as always... the price is much better on MY glass beads website!

I'm going to be crazed with taxes over the weekend but... the big customer appreciation sale goes on. Coupon code ThanksFans gets the maximum discount on my Artfire and my website: 25% off!

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