Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bead Bowl - Sarah Hornik Barbie Focal

Sometimes the bead bowl has beads that...there's just something wrong with. We had a strange batch of dichro in this class and I've noticed that over time, the bead has some hairline cracks. It's a good reason to hang onto any bead you are unsure of - for just a little while - to make sure cracks aren't developing.

My jewelry box is actually filled with beads I wouldn't dare sell because of a hairline crack...pieces I've worn for YEARS! It gives me one more piece to wear in my "rotation" of my own hand made work but I do get a little nervous when someone inspects them closely. I feel the need to tell them "I only keep my boos boos!"

But this bead -I hang onto it - in the bead bowl - for other reasons. This bead taught me about gravity and extending the length of my bead. I also ponder creating a realistic looking bone with this technique. It's a fascinating study in the way hot glass moves! And the temperament and control the artist needs to make a bead like this... and courage! I could have never made a bead like this when I started!

It's also a visual reminder of the way I over work rubino...HATE the devit! I will probably try to get the devit off and make something for myself with this one.

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