Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Since I will be sharing booth space with many other artists in the Beads of Courage Boutique this weekend, I felt I needed smaller tags to save on precious real estate on the table.

I got busy and designed something smaller and simpler than the business card and bookmark size cards I already use in my own booth. The plan is to use those when I'm alone but they would not work for this next show.

My favorite printer is GotPrint.com... you cannot beat their pricing and I've had tremendous experience with their quality! And, I can pick up, saving on shipping. Best of all, GotPrint added some new custom shapes to their repertoire. They are a bit more costly but... they are really eye catching!

I quickly designed the front of a circular card:
And the back:
I left a nice area in the middle to write the name of the piece, the stock # and the price.... all required by the boutique. And I ordered it on matte paper instead of my usual high gloss. 

The bad thing is... my usual speedy printer has no instructions letting me know that those choices take more time. They won't be ready in time for the show! (Since Beads of Courage now has a home in So. Cal, I think I will be doing more of these...so no biggie!)

But what does that mean for me now??? Hand making logo cards for the show! OY!

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