Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Panic Is Here

Today was spent in sheer panic. This is my first show alone.

I suddenly realized this show attracts alot of PMC people. I have a line of stamps I made for the PMC corp and now just sell on my own. They were designed with PMC in mind.
I checked inventory and duh...wouldn't just know it? Not a set of stamps in sight! So I had to press a few dozen of those.

I also even made a few beads today. I have a new style of cupcake, cake and fish that I'm just loving. But no photos yet.

Considerable time was spent going through my show boxes and cleaning and repacking. Box #1 has to have my tablecloths, acrylic risers, my large female form jewelry holder, a tea pot I've adapted for beads, towels, my calculator, forms for my contest and basic office supplies.

I will also have boxes and bags, basic jewelry tools, packing tape and an assortment of other "necessary items" which are almost packed.

And the very last thing in the jeep: my dolly. Can't lug all that crap with my back! I'm amazed that people actually show up at a show like this without one and want to borrow mine! Plan ahead people!!! I once loaned my dolly out and spent the show tracking it down. UGH!

Anyway, I'm about to collapse and I still have beads to clean, price and pack.

See you in San Diego!


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