Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fun with Fire

Today was a major torch day. I've lost track of what I have in the kiln. I know I made a few big hole beads, some focals, more gingkos (I'm loving that shape!) and I do remember was last focal came out really small... I tore the bead release pretty early on which dictated size. I thought it was rather lovely in spite of my not liking tiny lampwork focals at all.

I started dealing with lights for the show. The last show made me realize that the lights I had were too small and dim. I found new ones I really like and now have to clean the shades and make sure all the bulbs fit and then bubble wrap those.

I also started inventory on the supply boxes from the last show. I like having these hyper-organized before the show. My pet peeve of show set up is when people walk in and lay crap on the table. It makes double work. So I have my boxes numbered and box #1 MUST have table cloths and lights. After that, I don't care what gets put on the table!

Here is one of the focals I made and cleaned the other day.

And, I thought it would be fun to show you the necklace in progress I keep referring to. Stay tuned for more info on that one.


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