Thursday, July 24, 2008

Getting Ready

A large part of getting ready for a big show is assessing what you need. I'm always torn between what I want to make and what I think may actually sell. And then, this close to the BIG DAY, I just want to make sure something, anything is on the table! LOL!

Since it was late the other night when I came in from the studio, I spent my time going through my extensive collection of beads and then making simple but cute zipper pulls / cell phone charms.

I can whip these together pretty fast as long as I have the right color Swarovski.

Yesterday, I had a blissful day on the torch. I literally torched for hours and hours. No interruptions, no customer phone calls. Those beads are soaking and need cleaning so I thought I would put a batch I thought I would get listed on my website... but there is no time when my show stash needs building.

Big Hole Bead with lots of florals.

My latest cupcake designs

I'm still stuggling a bit with cased florals and this will be my last practice bead before the show.

I'm loving making these seashells!

Focal versions. I love the glass that makes the mollusk part... it's so shiny!

And my new favorite... off mandrel abstract gingkos!

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