Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Vacation's All I Ever Wanted

I'm on vacation! No, I didn't suddenly come into money and I'm not somewhere exotic. But when I realized I had this week off from teaching and a holiday weekend was coming... making listing beads a fruitless effort, I decided to give myself a break. I'm doing what I want to do this week while being at home - may favorite place on earth, really!!

My ONLY rule this week is I WILL TORCH EVERY DAY!  Pretty darn cool, huh???

I torched quite a bit over the weekend and my cleaning bowl is overflowing...LITERALLY! And while my weekend was uneventful, yesterday was awesome! I cleaned up in the shop so it's more than a Mabel-width path to move around in! And I torched! Then the BFF and I went to the florist handling our niece's wedding and got all the flowers for the whole ceremony planned! Then it was downtown to my favorite crystal vendor, Mega Jewels, to get s new shape of Swarovski crystal to add the PERFECT touch to that antique crystal necklace I've been blogging about. We finished off with dinner in Chinatown at one of my favorite restaurants!

On the downside...I've been fighting some kind of bug for a few days now... why does this always happen on vacation??? I've got very sore glands and have sudden waves of nausea! Hours later, I feel fine! But at three this morning, I was certain I was dying!

After doing three loads of laundry - which is clearly so important when you're dead - I ventured into the world in my nightgown and bathrobe at 5 am to find ginger ale and crackers only to discover that a Starbuck's coffee is readily available at that hour, but groceries are NOT! So I drove up the mountain with the cool wind on my face and the pupster in the back, always game for adventure until I found a dang grocery store that was open!

Back home by 6, ginger ale (the strong kind!) and crackers in my gullet, I went to bed and slept till noon. And that's OK... cause I'm on vacation!!

Just in case anyone here has their mind on beads instead of my crazy holiday... I thought I should mention my "Cindy's Coach" bead is now on Artfire:
Check out the sparkles in that Tangerine glass!

Have a good week and... I may be here... or not... cause I'm on vacation!

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