Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Amazing Tutorials on EVERY BEADY SUBJECT!

I am really out of sorts today with my sinuses and... Mabel took off after a coyote while hiking last night and came home with a big ol' cactus  stuck in her thigh! It took two of us over half an hour to get them all out. Today, she's being a total dork baby and not wanting to be more than 2" from me! Imagine trying to torch like that! So everything I had planned is out the door... UGH!

So I thought I would share  the most amazing set of beading tutorials I've seen in ONE place ever! Check out just some of the tuts on the Fusion Beads Website:

Now don't go shopping for your glass beads there... Chinese made, not annealed, rarely properly cleaned. Remember you get what you pay for... ;-)
Always buy your glass beads from artists!! Right??? Right!  Carry on!

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