Friday, August 19, 2011

Team Treasury Giveaway Drawing Saturday

I'm simply exhausted today... Grateful this crazy week is OVER! Let's see... yesterday's catastrophe??? Finding out the college had scheduled my evening cookie class at 1 p.m. at 11: 53 a.m.! I pulled it off, thanks to my amazing  best friend.... but I'm still not sure how!

I had planned something a bit meatier today... but can't summon the strength to even fix lunch! (It's almost 4 as I write...) So, I'm just going to remind anyone who happens to pop in here that the Fire Divas' Team Treasury drawing is this weekend. So it's you last chance to get your entry in to win some of those gorgeous beads!!

All the details and the first place to enter is this Fire Diva's Blog post.

And for a photo... here's a pic of the pendant I'm donating... It's a long time personal favorite...

Have a lovely restful weekend!!!

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