Friday, August 12, 2011

Display Bead

With the Kramer Bead I showed off last week, I'm now on my third bead for display! I love wearing big heavy beads so... this is a totally new concept to me.

I know I mentioned artist Michelle Plumb of Pocketsful before...she commissioned my first display bead. Well, she purchased another bead and turned it into a display. Meet Empyrea's Egg:

I know I'm not going to relay the story totally well because, I've never been wired for video games and Michelle takes AMAZING inspiration from them. But here's my screwy version... Empyrea the bird can save the world and keep darkness at bay but she sacrifices her own egg and offspring. In Michelle's version, Empyrea gets to save the world and keep her egg! So cool!!!

Don't you just LOVE nest made of wire???

What's on your weekend agenda??? I've got a huge order to pull off, still cleaning like a mad woman, lots of hiking and swimming and pup cuddling around here!

Hope yours is special!!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for featurnign me in your blog, Holly!

Here's the whole back story:

Also known as Ramia from the video game Dragon Quest VIII, Empyrea is referred to as the Godbird. She has the power to travel between worlds. When the Dark Lord Rhapthorne attempted to open the gate between the World of Light and the World of Darkness, Empyrea used all her power to seal the gate, losing her ability to travel between worlds. Her shadow in the World of Light creates a portal to the World of Darkness called the "Dark Eye".
Empyrea's first encounter with the party of heroes was when they traveled to the World of Darkness in search for her advice on defeating Rhapthorne. There they discovered that her egg was stolen by a monster called Gemon, sent by Rhapthorne, and thus she has been forced to attack the nearby village of Empycchu.
The party agreed to infiltrate the Godbird's Eyrie where the egg was being kept hostage, but during the battle to recover it, Gemon sacrificed himself to destroy the egg. Empyrea's child, who died before birth, appeared as a spirit before the party and decided to aid in their quest, bestowing them the power to fly through the skies, allowing them to reach places of their world inaccessible by land or sea."

With this display I decided to reunite mother and child, as if Gemon had never destroyed the egg. I prefer happy endings. :-)

Lara Lutrick said...

That is really neat!