Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Twitter - Timely Advice

I guess I just petered out on the blog last Friday. I was exhausted from my night class Thursday and just didn't have much to say! (How rare!)

I wanted to share my new twitter strategy with you. I've often written about folks that follow you only to get you to follow them and then they quit following you. I ain't got time for such games! Geesh! So I play one of my own!

I log in and follow back TWICE A MONTH now! I don't worry a bit about all those "xyz is following you" emails  I get.  No, I just delete them. And every few weeks, I go look at my followers. And you know what?  I'm often following the first person on the list...which means all those dozens of followers from all those emails weren't interested in following ME.

The last time I logged in to check, I had two new followers that had stuck with me. And I would rather have two new people genuinely interested in me and my work and dozens of scammers any day of the week!

Do you twitter? Do you have any advice to share???

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