Tuesday, July 19, 2011

24/7 Availability

So sorry to write another rant on heals of my last one but, somedays, I feel like I'm going off the deep end. And this subject has come up several times in the last MONTH for me.

WHEN did our society come to expect 24/7 availability from everyone all the time?  I'm an artist for Pete's sake! I need down time / quiet time / create time!

I know I complained about this on one of my 87 blogs so forgive me if you heard this before. But just a few weeks ago, I lost a class that would have put around 450 bucks in my pocket (and when you live well below the poverty level, as I do, that's A LOT OF MONEY!)!! WHY did I lose the class opportunity? I was in the shop organizing for said class and away from my computer for just less than three hours! I was by both my cell and shop phone but heaven forbid the college CALL ME!
When you order custom work, you still have to WAIT for it to be MADE!

When I complained on my Friend Facebook page (as opposed to the Fan Page, an old colleague of mine joined in. She had gotten a number of her recent film production jobs from people posting on her wall or emailing her through Facebook! Even old / former employers who have her direct email AND her cell phone number!

Then this past Friday, I was in major prep mode for my weekend class and again, away from my computer for exactly three hours. Someone had popped into my etsy and requested I put together a custom order for her of my silicone rubber necklaces. Now, I sell these on Etsy and Artfire so that someone buying one of my hearts has an option for easy display. I sell them for a darn cheap price (and even cheaper on my glass bead website). If someone doesn't figure that out, I'm fine taking extra money cause, hey, I gotta pay the etsy piper, right?

Because I felt guilty being off line for SO LONG, I immediately created the listing and THEN contacted her. No reply. I worried about it a bit over the weekend and tried to remind myself... people don't need to be online all the time. People have lives. I sent her a friendly reminder last night. This morning I hear from her...she "got tired" of waiting and purchased them for a higher price elsewhere!

Gee lady, it would have been nice if you TOLD me before I listed the custom order like YOU ASKED FOR! So... my lesson is your win! Mention this special, TODAY ONLY and get free shipping!

I really just wish everyone had a little more patience. If you need to order something special, remember, artists NEED time to create. If you haven't heard from someone you know in real life, CALL them. They probably feel grateful for the sound of your voice.

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