Monday, July 11, 2011

Just a Howdydoo Today

My apologies for going all MIA on you last week. I started a job... and got laid off within hours. I've been wanting more work as a content manager and was so excited to be working freelance for a HUGE beauty company (and freaking out over roots that are so long, they could be called "tan lines!"). But their backend wasn't ready for the front end. (Think of it as Blogger having a massive brain fart when you just HAVE to get a post up!) So... I spent more time commuting on the 405 than working. But money is money!

By Thursday, I was in major freak mode over teaching kumihimo... I had forgotten to package student kits my effort to always give my students maximum info (info overload???), I decided to preload a few looms to teach them different stitches. All in all, in spite of no a/c on a hot day, it was hands down the BEST CLASS EVER!

Teaching at a community college is much different than teaching in a store. A store attracts a certain clientele; a community college attracts...the community at large. There are often language barriers, skill barriers and... intelligence barriers that you don't always encounter on such a large scale in a store setting. But this class, ALL got the concept, hunkered down and did their work and were all excited over their "homework." It was most exciting to witness!

Anyway, it looks like my job may be restarting this week and my schedule will be nutty as the website I will be working on has a huge "premiere" scheduled.... But I didn't want to leave you without any eye candy  for another week! These are all recent additions to the glass bead site. I'm gonna rustle up some lunch and hit the torch for a few hours and enjoy our cooler weather!

Have a great Monday!

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Kathleen said...

Wow.. these are great! Love the heart at the top!...;-)